Easter in Iceland

Easter in Iceland

Easter for the Icelanders is a really welcome break. Finally, there is an end to the winter, the sun is high in the sky and the days are long, crocuses and daffodils are popping up in gardens and there is a feeling of optimism putting a spring in everyone's step. Furthermore, there are several days of bank holidays giving them five days off which is more than they get at Christmas. Therefore they use the opportunity to get together with the family, go fishing, go skiing, go fishing, go hiking, go fishing, visit summer cottages dotted around the country or just sit in a hotpot and chill…...or not as you're sitting in a geothermal hot pot. Then of course they can always go fishing

Many children in their fourteenth year are confirmed at easter time with preparations starting months before, so it’s a busy time here.

With houses decorated with twigs and branches bursting into leaf adorned with small eggs and chicks Easter here is not Easter without an egg. Here the chocolate factories have been making eggs since about the 1930´s, inside the eggs are small bags of sweets and more importantly a proverb which everyone loves to spend time interpreting. Here´s one for example:

Betra er lítill fiskur en tómur diskur, which means that it´s better to have a small fish than an empty dish. Well, even though our children may not agree, we at Iceland Outfitters love our fish.

There are over 300,000 chocolate eggs made here every year which is about one each for all the Icelanders. The eggs are made in various sizes and are even being exported to the U.S. They are usually hidden around the house for children to find and then consume, easter egg has been eaten for breakfast on easter Sunday for decades.

Wishing you all a happy fishing Easter from all of us at Iceland Outfitters.

Chick photos are from Ragnar Sigurjónsson

Best regards, Jane