Laxá river in Kjós

Kjós river is located in the capital area.

There are not many rivers which provide as much variety than Laxá in Kjós does. From the deep white waterfall pools and the long flat pools, down to the tiny river Bugda which is a tributary of Laxá. Some people call this river the university of salmon fishing and because of the different pools it gives anglers the challenge they seek.

Laxá in Kjós is one of the top fishing rivers in Iceland and it being only 30 km drive from Reykjavik makes it ideal for a long weekend break.

Laxá in Kjós is a medium sized salmon river, made for single handed rod, floating line, small flies and riffling hitch. The extent is 25km, double bank, 80 pools.

The lodge in Kjós is one of the better full service fishing lodges in Iceland, large but still very cozy. Offering good meals and service to anglers.

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Enjoy staying in one of the finest fishing lodges in Iceland, Laxá in Kjós

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single handed rod and small double handed rod, floting line, small flies, riflling hitch.

The lodge by Kjós river is one of the best in Iceland
The lodge by Kjós river is one of the best in Iceland
Spectacular view
Spectacular view
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