Mid-highlands of Iceland

The Icelandic highlands are incredibly interesting place to visit for real nature lovers. On the highlands you fish for brown trout and arctic char in the completely untouched nature, the experience is unforgettable.

The highlands are covered with hundreds of lakes, little streams and rivers, endless of fishing opportunities. You are in the middle of nowhere where there are no luxuries and you mainly travel by foot while fishing. While fishing on the highlands you accommodate in a small rustic mountain hut, which makes the experience even more unique and rustic. There are no limits on fishing hours on the highlands, meaning that you can fish 24/7 and luckily in Iceland there is 24/7 hour daylight during the biggest part of the summer.

Fishing on the highlands is for hard-working anglers who like to walk and enjoy the privacy of the Icelandic highlands.

We offer very popular highland packages that are perfect for 2-4 anglers.


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Northwest Iceland

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From 20. June to 31. August

Prime time

From mid June to late August


Recommended flies

Nymphs in nature colors, small streamers & sometimes dry flies.

Recommended tackles

Single handed rod & floating lines.

Fishing time

No limits on fishing hours.

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