Brennan is the junction pool of Thvera and Hvita rivers. It is a 3 rod beat with a very nice self catering cottage. Located in Borgarfjordur in SW Iceland.

Hvita river is a glacial river where thousands of salmon venture through to enter some of the finest salmon rivers in Iceland. Still, the salmon seem to amass in only a very few places in the Hvita river and those places are mostly at the junctions of the major salmon rivers.

The main spot being the Brennan Junction pool with 300 – 500 salmon caught each summer plus a lot of sea trout. The fishing area is approx. 1,5 km long.

There are two cottages that go with the fishing. One has two twin bedrooms, sleeping loft, kitchen/living room and a hot tub on the veranda. The other cottage is within 2 minutes walking and has a twin bedroom and a double room. So all in all, there are beds for 8 guests + few mattresses.

Brennan is fly-only in June and July. Spin fishing is allowed in August and September. Most of the salmon is released, but anglers can take 3 salmon under 70 cm per rod per day. The rest is catch-release.

In September, Brennan offers a really good sea trout fishing with good chance of catching a salmon.

Accommodation: Brennan lodge

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West Iceland

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From 5. June to 5. September

Prime time

From mid June to mid August


Recommended flies

Black and red Frances, Snælda & Sunray shadow,

Recommended tackles

Single handed rod & floating line or small double handed rod.

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