Ptarmigan hunting

Ptarmigan hunting is the most popular wing shooting sport in Iceland and every year we have hunters from all over the world joining us.

Ptarmigan hunting is attractive for many reasons and is always a challenge, it is hard work, so you´d better be physically fit for long days of hiking up and down our mountains. The winter coat for the ptarmigan is white and therefore it stays close to the snow or on the snowline, so it can be tricky to see them.

Our guides are experts in Ptarmigan hunting and spotting the birds and they will show you how to look for them.

Season is 4 - 5 weekends, Friday/Saturday/Sunday, usually from late October.

Hunting itinerary

Day 1

  • Hunters are picked up at 14.00 in Reykjavik, dinner on the way to the hunting lodge or at the lodge

Day 2

  • Early wake-up, breakfast then off hunting for a full day, dinner in the evening.

Day 3

  • Early wake up, breakfast, then go off hunting for a full day, dinner in the evening.

Day 4

  • Early wake up, breakfast then go hunting, stop hunting around 14.00-15.00 and returning to the lodge for a light lunch, pack and drive to Reykjavik.

What to bring: Shotguns gauge 12 or 16, double barrel or 3-shot pump or semi-automatic are the most suitable. Warm waterproof/windproof outer clothing, warm underwear and preferably Gore-Tex hiking boots.

Expected number of birds shot per gun is 0-6 birds per day.

Further details


From 28. October to 20. November

Prime time

From late October to mid November

Recommended shotgun

12 gauge and we use 32 gr - 42 gr lead shoots no 4-6.

What to wear

Good hiking boots. warm underwear, good rainproof shell. Most of the time we are hunting in snow and cold weather.

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