Barnacle geese

There are not many places in Iceland where you can hunt for Barnacle geese and this is mainly because the Barnacle goose is not a domestic bird. The Barnacle Goose only stops in Iceland while making the journey to or from Greenland and only then for few weeks at time to feed and prepare for the trip. Barnacle geese are only hunted in the autumn from the 1st of September, but prime time is from the 25th September and the first two weeks of October.

Typical itinerary.

Day 1

Our guests are picked up in Reykjavik at 13.00, arriving at the hunting lodge in the afternoon. Light refreshments are provided before the first evening of goose or duck hunting. Day 2

The day begins with an early breakfast 1-2 hours before daylight, the guide will then take you to the hunting grounds. Morning hunting is usually over by around 10:00-12:00 so we go back to the lodge for lunch. Depending on how the birds are behaving, we either go hunting again in the afternoon or the evening. Day 3

After an early breakfast, about 1-2 hours before daylight the guide takes you to the hunting ground for morning´s hunting. After lunch you will then have the option of going again in the afternoon/evening or a guide can take you sight-seeing to some of the most interesting places to visit in Iceland. Day 4

The same routine for the morning, hunting and then back to lodge for lunch. At the lodge you pack and the driver takes you to Reykjavik.



Southeast Iceland

Distance from Reykjavík

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From 1. September to 15. March

Prime time

From late September to mid October

Recommended shotgun

12 Ga, Most popular are semi auto, but maximum 3 cartridges are allowed. we use 42 gr -50 gr no 2-4 and you can buy cartridges in Iceland.

What to wear

Camouflage outerwear, rainproof jacket, trousers, hat, gloves and good gore-tex boots. Many wear waders to protect from the wet. Lying in a ditch waiting for geese will be cold even though the weather is good. Please dress in layers, wear warm underwear, good socks and more than one sweater.

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