Slovenia, Alpine Chamois

Alpine Chamois

The Alpine Chamois is undoubtably a very important game animal in Slovenia and luckily the population is kept very stable. You don't have to be in incredibly good form to get your trophy, even if you want to stay in the lower parts of the mountains you can still expect be successful because large Alpine Chamois can also be found down at the foot of the mountains.

For those of you who are quite physically fit maybe you could be even more adventurous by getting your trophy high on the slopes of the Karawanken or Julian Alps. The hunting is usually done by spotting and stalking and some places even have high seats, which gives the hunter a chance for a breather and to take a moment to take in the nature around while waiting for the game.The best time for hunting is during the mating season which takes place in November and early December, during that time the bucks are busy chasing the does.

The Alpine Chamois hunting season: From 1st August until 31st December

Preferably you need about 3-4 full days hunting to be sure of a successful hunt and don't forget to add on two days to cover your arrival and departure.

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From 31. August to 31. December

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