Croatia - Boar hunting

Hunting for wild boar in Croatia.

In Croatia the wild boar population is in extremely good shape, with the boar living in excellent conditions and thriving better than ever before. The hunting here has been carried out on top quality private estates and a good deal of game caught and many in medal range.

We organise driven hunts from October until the end of January for free roaming wild boars in the State Forestry Service estates as well as on the private estates. These are all within one to two hours drive from Zagreb International Airport. The size of the hunting areas are from 4000 to 22000 ha and take place in hilly areas or lowlands along the Kupa, Sava or Drava rivers. The countryside, where the hunting take place is varied, some agricultural land surrounded by forests of various types of trees which all provide a perfect habitat for this game.

In the open areas, we recommend 12-16 guns, but the minimum size of the group is 10. The daily bag per hunter is 1 to 2 heads.

Accommodation: The accommodation is varied, either luxury lodges or basic comfortable lodges in the hunting areas or another option is 3 star or 4 star hotels in the vicinity if requested.

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From 10. October to 31. January

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