Fossá river

River Fossá is a medium sized salmon river situated in the lava fields north of the volcano Hekla in the South of Iceland. The river is famous for beautiful waterfalls and good autumn fishing.

Foss is the Icelandic word for waterfall and you will find three stunning waterfalls to fish in. Háifoss at the top of the trout beat is the second highest waterfall in Iceland measuring 122 m. The Fossá river system is fly only, catch and release. The salmon beat is below the waterfall Hjálparfoss. There are 2 km of private fishing for 2 rods.

From the waterfall to the Junction of the river Þjórsa are plenty of pools to keep the 2 rods busy. The salmon run late in the river and prime time starts late July until mid September. The average size of the salmon is around 5 to 7 pounds and a good number of salmon are over 10 pounds. The salmon fishing starts July 15th and just gets better throughout the season. There is also trout and some Arctic char in the salmon beat but in September you can expect to catch Sea trout. To fish the Fossá river it is best to use single hand rod 7 up to 9 weights or small double hand rod.

Trout Beat: Above Hjálparfoss waterfall

The trout beat is around 8 km long, and the fishing spots are way too many to cover in one day for the two rods. From the waterfall Háifoss the river runs trough a beautiful canyon and the river then stretches out to nice gravel pools with grassy banks. The pools are perfect for trout fishing


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South Iceland

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From 15. July to 9. March

Prime time

From mid August to late September


Recommended flies

Sunray shadow, Frances Black and red, Colly dog and snælda.

Recommended tackles

Single handed rods or small double handed rod, 9-12 foot, weight 7-9.

Fishing time

15th of July -20th August 7.00-13.00 and 16.00-22.00, 20th August- 30th Sept 7.00-13.00 and 15.00 -21.00

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