Caribou hunting in Greenland

It is hard to find places that are unique and impressive like Greenland. The extrordinary landscape and wilderness is something that you needs exploring and the Caribou hunting in Greenland is quite unique. We use a boat for traveling between areas which is ideal for sight seeing, you get to see enormous icebergs floating around. The Caribou stay mostly on the islands in the area where we sail, so we search for the right trophy and then the stalking or hunting begins.


4 nights Caribou hunt, Tuesday - Saturday:

Departure from Reykjavik airport 13:00, but it´s best to be there 2 hours early.
Arrival in Nasarsuaq 14:00. We collect you at the airport and sail to Narsaq, where you check in at the hotel then meet with the guide to get further information and get acquainted with the local area. In the afternoon you are free to walk around the village.
The next three days will be spent stalking, sightseeing and maybe fishing in excellent rivers when the stalking is finished, On the day of departure we leave the hotel early and sail to a Norse Viking settlement in Brattahlid before going to the airport, departure is at 14:45, but it is good to be there 2 hours early.


Early in the morning after breakfast the guide collects you from the hotel and takes you to the harbour where the hunting boat will be waiting. The guide takes you to the hunting area where you sail around and search for a good trophy. Your guide will bring a packed lunch and after a full day of stalking, the guides then take you back to the hotel where your shower, dinner and warm bed will be waiting for you.

There is so much to see in Greenland

Sightseeing around the icebergs where the ice cap meets the ocean is what you can expect to see on this trip. The mountain is popular for hiking, but if that's not your thing then you can go for a guided walk around the town and learn about Greenlandic culture and their food.

These sightseeing trips are flexible so the Viking settlement or other options can be done at the beginning of the trip or not at all.

Please note that weather and water level is the key factor in Greenland, so we may have to adjust our program according to any situation.


A hotel in the village of Narsaq or guesthouse, hunters can choose between full service board and lodging or self catering.

What type of gun should I bring?

Most popular cal is 243, 270 and 308, You also have the option of renting a gun.

What else do I need to bring?

Warm waterproof/windproof jacket and trousers, good hiking boots, camo hunting wear for hunting, but remember it can be warm too. Also good to have mosquito spray and a net.

Further details


From 1. July to 30. September

Recommended rifle

Most popular cal is 243, 270 and 308, Also you can rent gun.

Average trophy weight

Greenland is known for good Tropys

What to wear

Warm Rainproof, windproof jacket and pants, Good Hiking boots, camo hunting wear when hunting, it can be warm to, Moscito spray and net,

Please contact Stefán for more information