Hunting in Estonia, the island Hiiumaa

3 days hunt on the island Hiiumaa

Red deer - Roe deer – Wild boar

We at Iceland Outfitters are now offering a chance to hunt all around the country of Estonia with one of our most favourite places being the little island of Hiiumaa where next September you have the option of shooting red deer, roe deer and wild boar all on the same trip.

Day 1 We pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel/guesthouse in Hiiumaa. We familiarize you with the program, show you around and attend to the paperwork needed. That evening we hunt for wild boar from the tower.

Day 2 and 3 We wake up before sunrise and go stalking for red deer and roe deer, this morning session takes up to 4 hours. From there we go back to our guesthouse and have brunch and relax for a while. The evening hunt starts before sunset where we return to stalking red deer and roe deer, you can also go hunting wild boar from the tower.

Day 4 Morning hunt routine will be the same as the last two days. Depending on your flight schedule, we will either take you to the airport or to Tallin city.
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More than 800 red deer were hunted in Estonia during the hunting season 2012-2013. Red Deer camera Estonia can boast of having the largest red deer population in the whole of Europe. The mating season begins in September and usually lasts about a month. Gestation period lasts for about eight months; the fawns are born in late May or early June. Adult males weigh on average 200 kg, females about 100 kg.

The red deer can be hunted using the “calling” method during the rut in mid-September. When hunting red deer trophy medals are guaranteed. Estonian forests offer a rather wide choice of game and there are good opportunities for trophies. At the same time Estonians appreciate their surroundings and see to it that the animals are taken care of and the principles of responsible hunting are followed.


Wild boar can be hunted all year round, although the best time for wild boar hunting is when the ground is covered in snow, therefore it being easier to determine the exact location of the boar. During 2012-2013 aprx. 24 000 wild boar were hunted. Wild Boar camera


Roe deer have been living in Estonia for about 10.000 years. The breeding season is during the second half of July and the first half of August. Gestation period lasts about 9 months and 1-2 cubs are usually born in May and June. An adult roe buck weighs about 30 kg. Given the weather conditions, the natural mortality rate tends to be quite high; a harsh winter may decrease the population by maybe 30%, for example during 2011-2013. Roe deer may be hunted using “waylay”, “calling”, or the “stalking” method.
The best time for roe deer hunting is in June when the grass hasn't grown very high.




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From 1. September to 30. September

Please contact Harpa Hlín for more information