Kjarra river

The Fishing

Kjarra river is the upper part of the Thvera and Kjarra river system, located in Borgarfjordur in West Iceland. It has all the qualities that make Icelandic rivers famous. With its crystal clear water and endless variety of pools makes it one of the top scoring, high quality Icelandic rivers. There are only 7 rods allowed to fish on 7 private beats with 91 named pools, dispersed over 45 km of the crystal clear river, which makes Kjarra river every serious angler's dream, providing plenty of space for each angler and a wide variety of fishing water, everything from steep canyons pools to more easily accessible pools.

Kjarra river is the perfect river for hitch and stripping small flies with a floating line. It is fished with both single and double handed rods, floating line and sink tip is recommended if the water rises. It is fly only and most of the salmon is released, even though anglers can take 2 salmon under 70 cm per rod per day, the rest is catch and release.

The feeling when fishing Kjarra river is like fishing in the middle of nowhere, with no farms around so it is only you and nature, complete privacy, which is one many charms of this river. The landscape is beautiful and the untouched nature around it is significant.

The Accommodation

The Kjarra lodge is located in the highlands and always comes a surprise for everyone driving the road up to it. The lodge is known for its luxurious accommodation with first class meals and services. Chefs from the best restaurants in Iceland are in charge of the lodge during the season. The lodge is spacious, beautifully designed and equipped with 8 twin rooms and hosts a total of 14 guests. Each rod has its own private room with a private bathroom. On the veranda anglers can relax in the hot tub or sauna. There are storage areas for fishing gear.

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Accommodation: Kjarrá lodge

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West Iceland

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7 ensuite bedrooms

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From 1. June to 31. August

Prime time

From early July to mid August


Recommended flies

Frances, Collie dog, Night Hawk and most flies in sizes 8-16, Hitch tubes and micro hitch, spring fishing and also when the water rise it is good to bring few frances tubes, Snælda, big sunray.

Recommended tackles

Single handed rod 9 or 10', weight 7-9 & Double handed rod 11-13-, weight 7-10. Floating line & good to bring sink tip if the water rises.

Fishing time

15:30 - 21:30 & 8:00 - 13:00

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