Musk Ox Hunting in Greenland - winter

Musk ox hunting, winter

Greenland is a very interesting country, there are only 57.000 people living there in many little towns by the coast. There are no roads connecting those little towns so almost all transportation is by boats.

Winter hunting in Greenland is for the adventure hunters who want to experience the arctic winter. The hunting bring us into the remote arctic winter-wilderness. It is hunting in extreme conditions with temperatures from around 0 to - 40 C. It is an adventure in the world's “last frontier”. The hunting camp is well equipped with a hunting cabin near Kangerlussuaq town, by the frozen fjord with a remarkable view over the terrain.

We will start hunting for Musk Ox, and we will hunt by ATV/snowmobile and on foot on a spot and stalk hunt. Depending on conditions, we use ATVs or snowmobile to bring us into the area, and after spotting the animal, we will start a stalk on foot. You will often be close to big arctic Musk Ox during the hunt. The last part of the hunt is exciting in ways that sometimes test the hunter’s nerve system! We are hunting under extreme arctic winter conditions; therefore your physical health have to be good. Normally we will be apple to take the vehicle to the dead animal to pick up meat and trophy. If that is not possible, After approaching the lonely bull or family group, there will normally be opportunity to find support for the rifle on rocks or small hills when you are shooting.

The Arctic Five After successful muskox hunting you have the option of hunting a caribou, polar fox, polar hare and ptarmigan. If you succeed with all of the five species you have shot what we in call The Arctic Five To be mentioned: The caribou do not have big antlers at this time of year and are only suitable for European mounts – but still; The Arctic Five is The Arctic Five.

We offer near to 100% success on strong Musk ox bulls with good trophy or old bulls with strong boss.

We welcomes you to a cold hunt of a lifetime which requires real hunters who can take up a cold challenges. Only few places in the world you find the exclusive trophy of the Musk ox together with the possibility to shoot all of ''The Arctic Five'. On a winter hunt, you will experience tough hunting in a unique nature.

Expect a good time!


- Hunt - Stay in hunting camp. - Musk ox license. - All transport. - Practical trophy handling.

Extra (optional) - Caribou license. - Extra musk ox - Possibility to hunt polar fox, polar hare and ptarmigan. - Hotel accommodation

2018 winter program

March 8 - Arrival to Kangerlussuaq - Outfitter receives you at airport. - Quick switch of clothes. - Transport to hunting camp. - Musk ox hunt. - Overnight stay at hunting camp.

March 8 & 9 & 10: - Spot and stalk musk ox hunt. - Hunt for caribou, polar fox, polar hare and Ptarmigan. - Overnight stay at hunting camp.

March 11: - Hunt in the morning. - Return to Kangerlussuaq. - Overnight accommodation at hotel.

Day 5: - Departure from Kangerlussuaq.

Further details


From 1. March to 15. April

What to wear

Wear warm walking clothe, good hiking boots and rainproof camo outfit.

Please contact Stefán for more information