East Ranga river

The Fishing

East Ranga river has been one of the top 3 rivers in Iceland for the last decade. Most anglers in the world have probably heard the name "East Ranga" at some point and heard about the famous Ranga river system in Iceland (See Lower Ranga). East Ranga is located on the South coast of Iceland, approx. 1 hour and 15 min from Reykjavik, close to Hvolsvollur town.

East Ranga is a beautiful and productive salmon river with 12 rods sharing 9 beats over 22 km stretch of river. There are 2 rods fishing each beat, rotated after 6 hours of fishing. There is a plenty of space for each angler and the river is easily accessible. The fishing does not require advanced wading.

Iceland Outfitters offers spring fishing in East Ranga where anglers fish from morning to evening. The fishing in the spring is good and the price is very reasonable. The fishing is self catering where anglers stay in a nice self catering cottage while fishing. In the spring the fishes are fewer but bigger and more aggressive! The fresh, strong and aggressive fish is coming in, which often offers more challenging and exciting fishing than later on the season. Usually the river is fished on 18 rods but in the spring the river is fished on only 12 rods.

Average catch for the last 10 years is 4645 salmon pr year and there is not many rivers who can beat that.

The Accommodation

The spring fishing in East Ranga is self catering, there are various of accommodation options within a comfortable driving distance. Everything from nice self catering cottages to hotels. We will find a suitable accommodation that fits your needs.

For more info please contact: icelandoutfitters@icelandoutfitters.com


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South Iceland

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From 15. June to 20. October



Recommended flies

Sunray shadow, Snælda, R Frances, Willy gun, Bismo Sunrey, Black and Blue.

Recommended tackles

Double handed rods 13 - 15', floating line, sink tip.

Fishing time

7:00 - 13:00 & 16:00 - 22:00

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