Krossá River in Bitru

Krossá river is a little 2-rod salmon river and is located in the North west of Iceland. This river is Fly fishing only and is the perfect size for families or group of friends who rent the river for them self and stay in the self-catering lodge of Krossá river.

Over the years, the fishing has been quite good in Krossá between 100-200 Salmon caught pr year. The price is very reasonable for this small and challenging river.

The fishable water is about 8 km and with about 22 marked pools. From fast running waterfalls down to slow water pools.

The fishing lodge is small and cosy and can hold up to 9 people for sleeping,


Self service


Westfjords of Iceland

Distance from Reykjavík

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From 1. July to 20. September

Prime time

From mid July to mid August


Recommended flies

Hitch tubes, Micro tubes, small flies like Colly dog, Red and Black Frances, Black and blue and many others in sizes 10-14

Recommended tackles

single handed rods, 9 foot 4-7 weight.

Fishing time

7-13 and 15-22

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