Reindeer hunting in Iceland

Reindeer hunting in Iceland

Reindeers are the only big game in Iceland and the roam free in the Eastern part of the island. There are no or have been domestic reindeers in Iceland. Reindeer hunting in Iceland is a unique hunt for many reasons. The wild Eurasian reindeer was introduced in Iceland around 1780 and has lived wild in East Iceland ever since. The SCI has a separate category for the Icelandic reindeers in their record books.

Iceland is a safe country and the main attraction for tourists is the nature. There are up to 24 hours of daylight in the summer, the longest day being June 20. Reindeer hunting season starts July 10, but the antlers are not fully grown until August and velvet start to come off around August 10. So most of our reindeer hunting takes place between August 15 and September 5.

There is a draw for reindeer tags the first week of February. Local hunters have as much change as foreign hunters to get a tag but about 20% of the ones who enter the draw get a tag. There are around 1.200 tags issued yearly.

The hunting tour is usually 5 days with 3 hunting days. We advise you to add a few days to your tour to make the most of your visit to Iceland.

Day 1 Arrive Iceland, driver waits for you at Keflavik airport and drives you to Reykjavik airport where you fly to Egilsstadir town. In Egilsstadir you are met by your guide that takes you to a nice guesthouse and goes over the hunting plan with you.

Day 2 and 3 Full day hunting with a guide, breakfast and dinner at your guesthouse, but guide brings packed lunch.

Day 4 Hunting day, if you have already got your reindeer on the first 2 days, guide will take you fishing or sightseeing. If goose season has started you have the chance to go shooting in the morning.

Fly back to Reykjavik in the evening. Driver waits for you in Reykjavik to take you to a hotel of your choice either in Reykjavik or Keflavik.

Day 5 Depart Iceland.

How to enter the draw? Please send us the following by February 5th:

    • Full name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Copy of local hunting license
    • Copy of local shooting license
    • Copy of your passport.

Price for entering the draw is EUR 100, non-refundable but will be used as down payment if you get a tag.

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Further details


From 1. August to 15. September

Recommended rifle

minimum 234, many use 270

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Good to know

How to get there

There are many major airlines flying to Iceland during the summer months. The local airlines Icelandair and WOW Air fly daily all year long to many major cities in Europe and USA

Click here for details of flight times to Reykjavík.


Icelandic is spoken in Iceland. English is the seccond language so more or less everyone speaks it.

Time difference

Iceland is GMT+0 time and does not have daylight saving time. It's in the same time zone as the UK during winter.

Click here for a time table of sunrise and sunset in Iceland.

Emergeny numbers

The local emergency number is 112 – Police / Ambulance / Firefighters.

If you have any emergency concerning your reservation, please contact +354 855 2680


Layers, layers, layers... The only thing we can be sure of about the weather in Iceland is that you will see all types of weather, and that goes for the whole year around. Iceland is windy and rainy so even if the weather is nice it can cool down with the Northern wind. There is a saying in Iceland, if you do not like the weather... wait a minute.

Click here for further detils about what to wear in Iceland.

Tackle disinfection

Infectious disease agents such as viruses and the parasite, Gyrodactylus salaris, have never been detected in freshwater fish in Iceland.

To prevent the spread of infectious agents from other countries to freshwater fish in Iceland, Icelandic law prohibits the use of fishing equipment that has been used for angling abroad, unless disinfected by approved methods.

Click here for further details about approved methods of tackle disinfection.

Complete general information

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