Thverá river

Thverá is one of the most prestige fly fishing rivers in Iceland. The good and steady salmon fishing in the 107 diverse fly fishing pools makes Thverá one of the most sought after rivers in Iceland. It is the lower part of the legendary Thverá/Kjarrá river. The river is about 90 km from where Kjarrá runs from the clear highland waters down to the junction where Thverá meets the glacial river Hvítá. Thverá is 26 km long, so there is plenty of space for each of the 7 rods fishing the river.
The access to most pools is relatively easy and so is the wading.

Thverá is located in West Iceland, about 1 hour drive from Reykjavik.

Accommodation: The comfortable lodge by Thverá contains 8 en-suite twin rooms, a lounge and a dining room. Anglers are provided with meals from one of Iceland´s award winning chefs, including a continental breakfast in the morning, two course lunch and a three course meal in the evening.

Thverá river is fly-only and most of the salmon is released, even though anglers can take 2 salmon under 70 cm per rod per day. The rest is catch-release.

Accommodation: Thverá lodge

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West Iceland

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The comfortable Thverá lodge offers a spectacular view over the Thverá river in West Iceland

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From 1. June to 31. August

Prime time

From mid June to late July


Recommended flies

A wide variety of flies (both double and treble hooks) in size 8-16. Tubes can be from micro size up to 2” or hitch tubes. Bring the ones you believe in, but we recommend: Red Frances, Black Frances, hitch tubes, Hairy Mary, Black Sheep, Blue Charm, Monroe Killer, Sunray Shadow, Collie Dog, Green Braham, Green Butt

Recommended tackles

Single-handed rods (minimum length of 9 ft) and/or double-handed rod (11–13 ft). Floating lines, sometimes with sink tip. Chest waders recommended but hip boots may be adequate

Fishing time

Fishing is organised in 3 days parties, starting in the afternoon of the first day and ending at noon the last day. 16:00 to 22:00 and 07:00 to 13:00

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