Bonefishing in Bahamas

If you’re looking for a real Adventure with tropical weather and Fantastic bonefish waters, Abaco is the right place.

Abaco has more than 400 square miles of flats in stunning surrounding. The lodge is centrally located on the Marls side, with backdoor access to them all. For twenty miles toward the open ocean, the average depth is four feet. Heading north or south, so it would take a lifetime to explore the entire region. Bonefishing is like hunting or stalking fish, first you have to find the fish than you sneak at them and than you have to make the perfect cast. This kind of fishing is one of more interesting especially if you like trout or salmon fishing.




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From 1. October to 1. July

Recommended flies

Bonefish patterns in tan and pink work well. We recommend carrying varying weights and sizes of a few top patterns: Gotcha, Puglisi’s Spawning Shrimp, Bunny Gotcha, Crazy Charlie’s, Deep Water Gotcha, Pink Puff, Vevrka’s Mantis Shrimp, Miheve’s Flats Fly, Big Bone Daddy, Bone Wigglers, Simran’s

Recommended tackles

Seven- to 9-weight, 9-foot saltwater rods. Floating or clear intermediate tip (9’) saltwater/tropical flylines.

Fishing time

Most days 8.00 -17.00

Please contact Stefán for more information