Leira river in Leirarsveit

Leirá river in Leirársveit - The little sister of Laxá in Leirársveit

The Fishing

Leira river is a beautiful, 2 rod salmon and sea trout river, located in Leirarsveit, approx. 40 min from Reykjavik. Leira river is a small and sensitive river with very beautiful surroundings. The river is about 4 km long with 24 named pools. Leira river is fly only and all fish has to be released.

  • Sea trout season: April 1st - May 15th
  • Salmon season: July 10th - October 10th

The Accommodation

There is a small and a cosy, self-catering cottage standing on the riverbank, which makes this the ideal location for good friends or families who want to stay near the capital. The cottage has one twin bedroom, a sleeping loft for 2 people and a sleeping sofa for 1-2 people. There are a lot of things to see and explore nearby.

For more info please contact: icelandoutfitters@icelandoutfitters.com

Accommodation: Leirá lodge

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West Iceland

Distance from Reykjavík

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Leirá river is located about 30 min drive from Reykjavik

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From 1. April to 10. October


Recommended flies

Sea-trout: All kind of streamers with pink, black, yellow ,orange colors. Salmon: Red and black frances, sunray shadow and all small flies.

Recommended tackles

Single hand rod, 9-10 foot, floating line 5-7 weight.

Fishing time

12 hours a day, 6 hours in the morning and 6 in the afternoon/evening.

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Good to know

How to get there

There are many major airlines flying to Iceland during the summer months. The local airlines Icelandair and WOW Air fly daily all year long to many major cities in Europe and USA

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Icelandic is spoken in Iceland. English is the seccond language so more or less everyone speaks it.

Time difference

Iceland is GMT+0 time and does not have daylight saving time. It's in the same time zone as the UK during winter.

Click here for a time table of sunrise and sunset in Iceland.

Emergeny numbers

The local emergency number is 112 – Police / Ambulance / Firefighters.

If you have any emergency concerning your reservation, please contact +354 855 2680


Layers, layers, layers... The only thing we can be sure of about the weather in Iceland is that you will see all types of weather, and that goes for the whole year around. Iceland is windy and rainy so even if the weather is nice it can cool down with the Northern wind. There is a saying in Iceland, if you do not like the weather... wait a minute.

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Tackle disinfection

Infectious disease agents such as viruses and the parasite, Gyrodactylus salaris, have never been detected in freshwater fish in Iceland.

To prevent the spread of infectious agents from other countries to freshwater fish in Iceland, Icelandic law prohibits the use of fishing equipment that has been used for angling abroad, unless disinfected by approved methods.

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Complete general information

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