Hölkná river

Hölkná, 2 rod salmon river in North East Iceland

Hölkná river is one of the big fish rivers in North East Iceland. It is known for its big salmon in an unique and stunning nature.

The river is about 10 km of fishable water, from the waterfall to the sea.

There are only 2 rods in the river with 27 named pools. The fishing lodge is really beautiful, cosy and unique, with 2 double bedrooms, kitchen, bbq and all you need to have for good fishing trip.


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Northeast Iceland

Distance from Reykjavík

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From 1. July to 27. September


Recommended flies

Red and black frances, black and blue, Haugur, Hitch flies, sunray and all tipical Icelandic salmon flies.

Recommended tackles

Single handed rods 9-10 foot weight 6-8 or 14-18 gr and switch rods 10-11 foot weight 6-8 or 14-18 gr, floating lines.

Fishing time

7-13 and 16-22 or 7-13 and 15-21,

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