Iceland Outfitters offers shooting tours in North and South Iceland. Best shooting season is mid September through October.

Trophy hunting

Flag of Greenland Greenland

Musk Ox Hunting in Greenland - winter

Greenland adventure with Iceland Outfitters. How about going musk ox hunting in Greenland?

South-Greenland Season: 1. March - 1. March

Musk Ox & caribou hunting in Greenland 2018

Join us on the most exciting and unique hunt of the year. Musk ox and carbou hunting in Greenland.

South-Greenland Season: 1. June - 1. June
Flag of Russia Russia

Slovenia, Alpine Chamois

Join us hunting Alpine Chamois in Slovenia, August - September

Russia Season: 31. August - 31. August

Bird hunting

Flag of Iceland Iceland

Goose hunting in Iceland 2017

The Melar hunting grounds are some of the very best goose hunting areas in Europe. Prime time September - November.

West Iceland Season: 20. August - 20. August

Ptarmigan hunting

Ptarmigan hunting is the most popular wing shooting sport in Iceland. Every year we have hunters from all over the world joining us hunting in the short season of November.

Northeast Iceland Season: 28. October - 28. October
© Bill Vanderford

Blast & Cast

At the beginning of our hunting season we offer Blast & Cast packages, where guests can both fish and hunt on the same day

© Bill Vanderford
© Bill Vanderford
© Bill Vanderford
South Iceland Season: 20. August - 20. August

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Goose hunting in Iceland

it is almost prime time for goose hunting and it is going really well.

Iceland Outfitters in North Spain - October 2nd

Iceland Outfitters will have a reception for guests interested in fishing and/or hunting in Iceland and Greenland

Goose hunting season is on

It´s only a few days until we can start the goose hunt

Day tours from Reykjavik

Fishing and hunting day tours from Reykjavik

ICELAND - Goose hunting 2017

Fantastic season is over and we are booking 2017. Two slot still available on prime time.