Trophy trout fishing on Lake Thingvellir, ION Beat

Just came available 3 day´s party on ION beat, this is exciting, Trophy Trout on Prime time

Spring Salmon fishing 2020

What is good and what is available in June 2020 in Iceland

Henrik Mortensen will be in Iceland May 8th-10th

Henrik Mortensen and Thomas Thaarup are back in May,

Reviews on TripAdvisor

Few reviews from clients that visited us this season.

Great Ideas for Salmon fishing 2020

Fishing in Iceland, join us.

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

Suitable for everyone - Let's start planning your next adventure!

Reindeer hunting in Iceland 2020

Register to the reindeer lottery - Deadline in start February

Happy Holiday

Greetings from Team Iceland Outfitters

Photo competition winners

It is time to introduce the winners of our Christmas photo competition!

East Ranga Autumn Fishing

We are happy to have available rods in East Rangá in September and October 2020.

Langa river

Langa river early July prime dates

Private fishing day tours

Private fishing day tours - a great way to experience Icelandic nature!

Coming to Iceland in 2020?

Join us on a fishing day tour - all inclusive and suits everyone!

Mid highland fishing

The perfect option for the real nature lover - On reasonable prices!

2020 salmon fishing availability

Join us fishing in Iceland 2020

10 funny Icelandic sayings

In Iceland we have many funny sayings and phrases, here are 10 of them.

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri

Prime time, all inclusive fishing day tours, suitable for everyone.

Team Iceland Outfitters: Oli guide

Introduction of Team Iceland Outfitters

Team Iceland Outfitters: Harpa CEO/Owner

Introduction of Team Iceland Outfitters

Thvera and Kjarra combo

We have 2 rods available 12-18 June 2019 (Big Fish combo)

Sea angling on Maria boat

Perfect for groups and families - Suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers

Team Iceland Outfitters: Sverrir guide

Introduction of Team Iceland Outfitters

Team Iceland Outfitters: Siggi guide

We will be introducing the whole team the next coming weeks,

kjarrá river

One of our favorite river, strong nature, big fish and fantastic scenery.

Iceland Outfitters on TripAdvisor

What do visitors think about Iceland Outfitters?

Thvera & Grimsá combo

Two legend river combo, high quallity water and fantastic lodges.

The Lower Ranga

A great salmon fishing option that can offer high volume fishing.

Corporate travel and private tours

There is more to Iceland than fishing. How about geting inspired in Iceland for your next meeting?

Sea angling from Reykjavik

Private tours - Perfect for groups and families.

Greatings from Iceland

Harpa's thoughts about 2019 fishing season in Iceland

Goose hunting in Iceland

Melar hunting grounds - Only few slots left for 2019

Salmon fishing in June 2020

Great options in June

Adventurous highland fishing

Fish different locations every day, rustic highland fishing is for real nature lovers.

Are we friends on social media?

We are very active on Facebook & Instagram - Let's be friends!

Great whale watching tour

Whale watching and sea angling earlier this month - pictures

Kids love sea angling

Sea angling is a great family sport - photos

Salmon Catch statistics, August 7th 2019

New salmon catch statistics

Salmon catch statistics, July 31st 2019

New salmon catch statistics with weekly numbers

Large fish in Faxi bay

Want to catch some large fish in Faxi bay?

Sea Angling in Faxi Bay - Reykjavík

Sea Angling is a great sport that suits everyone!

Salmon catch statistics, July 24th 2019

New salmon catch statistics

Salmon catch statistics, July 17th 2019

Salmon catch statistics, with weekly numbers.

Salmon catch statistics, July 10th 2019

Salmon catch statistics, with weekly numbers.

Salmon catch statistics, July 3rd 2019

Every Wednesday fishing numbers are collected in most of the salmon rivers in Iceland

The rain is here!

Finally the rain is here and freshly run salmon is coming in.

Salmon catch statistics, June 26th 2019

Every Wednesday fishing numbers are collected in most of the salmon rivers in Iceland

Trout and char fishing on the mid highlands

One of our old hunting friend just started fly fishing. Here..

All inclusive fishing day tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri

Probably the best activity on your Iceland adventure.

The salmon have arrived Iceland

Only 5 days until the first salmon river opens!

The best autumn Combo Thvera and Kjarra

We have available fantastic combo in Thvera and Kjarra river 8-13 September,

Laxa river in dolum 12-14 July

Just came available 2 day´s party in Laxa river in dolum, this is exciting, big fish and Hitch

3 day salmon fishing combo in Iceland - Prime time 2019

Super good days on Brennan and Straumar Junction pools

Lower Rangá river - 2019 availability

How about catching some salmon this summer?

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri

Prime time, all inclusive fishing day tours, suitable for everyone.

Fishing in Iceland 2019, last min availability

Still have not planned your fishing tour?

Trophy trout fishing

Want to fish for some of the biggest brown trout in the world?

Sea Angling from Reykjavik harbour

Have you ever tasted your own fresh catch from the Atlantic Ocean?

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

Add fishing to your Iceland experience - Suitable for experienced anglers & beginners.

Prime time fishing day tours from Reykjavik or Akureyri

For beginners and experienced anglers. The perfect add on to your Iceland adventure.

Brenna & Straumar the perfect combo

We have fantastic prime party available on prime time, self-catering option

Unique trout adventure in Iceland

Experience all the beauties and the wide variety of trout fishing in Iceland

The season start on Leira river

Good season start in cold weather.


The fishing season has finally started in Iceland!

Who wants to catch the biggest trout in Iceland

Now is your change, we have open rods this season.

Skjalfandafljot River

Great fishing in North East Iceland and we are looking forward to upcoming season

Fishing Lower East Ranga 2019

High volume Salmon fishing, private lodge, only 6 rods and 20 km of pools

The perfect family salmon fishing

Brynjudalsa river - 1 weekend available due to cancellation.

Always wanted to fish in Iceland?

Good questions that give anglers an idea on how to start planning - Still possible to plan for 2019.

Urridafoss and Lower East Rangá combination

The best combination for those who like high volume fishing in some of the best salmon rivers in Iceland.

Unique rustic arctic char and trout adventure on the mid highlands

Experience real, rustic highland fishing where you can fish 24/7!

Prime dates at ION beat

Just came available prime dates at ION beat June 2019

Goose hunting tours

We are booking for this fall/winter, limited slots available.

Sea angling

A perfect family activity that suits everyone.

Kjarra river and Brenna June combination

One of the greatest June spring options you can have in Iceland.

Lakesystem Lysa

interesting option for all anglers, only 6 rods, few lakes, streams and river

Reindeer hunting in Iceland

Deadline for participating in the draw is 4 March

Sea angling

Special early bird offer!

Brennan salmon fishing, 3 rod private beat

Thinking of fishing in Iceland 2019?

Do you want to fish in Iceland?

Helpful questions when planning a fishing tour to Iceland.

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik or Akureyri

Prime time fishing day tours that fit everyone - beginners & experienced anglers.

Reindeer hunting in Iceland

Deadline this week!

River Dee Scotland

We have available 3 rod Private beat in May with a really nice self-catering house

Monster trout fishing in Iceland

Want to catch the biggest trout of your life?

Sea trout fishing

The season starts in with sea trout fishing in April.

Fishing day tours

Add an all inclusive fishing day tour to your Iceland travel.

Reindeer hunting in Iceland

Less than a month until the draw - Should we register you?

Trout and char combo tours

We have added few more slots for the upcoming season.

Prime time fishing day tours

Are you coming to Iceland? Join us on a fishing day tour!

Happy New Year!

2018 in words & pictures - Thank you for a wonderful year!

Prime time fishing day tours from Reykjavik

Use the chance while you are in Iceland and go fishing! The season is from April 1st - October 31st.

Let's start planning your next adventure

We want to take you fishing!

Always dreamed of fishing in Iceland?

Let's make it happen - We will custom make a tour that fulfils your wishes.

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

Add a prime time fishing day tour to your Iceland adventure. Suitable for beginners and experienced anglers.

Straumar Junction Pool 2019

Prime time fishing in July - The last availability

Want to catch the biggest trout of your life?

We are already booking the world famous ION beat for 2019.

Laxa river in Kjos

Open rods in the end of June.

Fishing in Iceland on reasonable prices

It does not have to cost a fortune to fish in Iceland, believe it or not!

Northern lights hunt

Private sightseeing with northern lights hunt

October issue of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying - Shot of the month from Iceland

Our client Jan Van Droogenbroeck took the picture on a mid highland tour with us this summer.

Sea trout combo

Spring 2019

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri

The perfect add on to your Iceland adventure!

Where to fish next summer?

Here is a little guidance on what to choose for next year.

The perfect trout and char adventure

Our popular trout and char combo tours are now up for grabs.

Reindeer hunting in Iceland 2019

The only big game in Iceland - Participate in the draw.

Skjálfandafljót River

Mighty big Skjalfandafljót river is one of our favorite. 2017 availability. Big salmon, good price.

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

Add a prime time fishing day tour to your Iceland adventure. Our fishing day tours suit everyone!

ION beat Lake Thingvellir

The world famous Trophy Trout beat in Lake Thingvellir

Lower East Ranga river

Would you like to visit Iceland this summer and fish many salmon?

Report from a client

"..Everything was perfect organized and made me happy. I say that Iceland Outfitters are the best."

Goose hunting on Melar hunting grounds

Only one prime time slot available for our popular goose hunting package this fall.

Whale watching from Reykjavik harbour

The whale watching tour that has it all - Perfect for friends and families.

Fishing in Iceland 2019

Yes... it it that time again :) Time to start planning your next adventure!

Goose Hunting in Iceland 2018

One of the best hunting areas in Europe.

The majestic Skjalfandafljot river

Great fishing opportunity in northern Iceland - Salmon and trout combination.

Sea trout combo - Be an early bird!

We are already booking for spring 2019.

Arctic char fishing video

Here is a nice video from a day tour fishing yesterday

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik & Akureyri

You can still book a prime time fishing day tour in 2018.

Lower East Rangá is doing well this year

460 salmon have been caught so far on the 6 rods fishing Lower East Rangá

Sea trout combo

Still longing for a prime time fishing tour to Iceland in 2018?

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

Prime time fishing day tours in August, September & October

Salmon fishing in Iceland 2018

It is not to late to book a good fishing this season

Laxa river in Kjos

Laxa river in kjos is having a good season this year

Fishing day tours

Suitable for everyone - The perfect nature getaway

Lower East Ranga river

We are having great fishing these day´s at Lower East Ranga

Sea angling from Reykjavik

Perfect for groups and families

Urridafoss waterfall

Urridafoss waterfall is still on fire and will reach 1000 salmon in next few day´s

Lower Ranga

The lowest part of the famous Rangas river system - Few rods available.

Urridafoss strikes again this season

Sputnic fishing of Iceland 2017 doing very well this season - pictures from today.

Salmon catch statistics - July 18

Top salmon rivers in Iceland

Good news from Leira river

Salmon arrived earlier than usual - We are receiving many fun stories from anglers these days.

Sea angling from Reykjavik

Open days for our popular sea angling tours.

The Lower Ranga

Prime time slots available

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

Suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers

Salmon catch statistics - July 4th

The top list of the number of salmon caught in various rivers in Iceland.

Sea angling from Reykjavik harbour

Open days for our popular sea angling tours - perfect for families and groups

Fantastic salmon fishing available on Brennan, July 19 - 21

The fishing on Brennan river is going super well.

Salmon catch statistic June 27

Here you can follow the number of salmon caught in various rivers in Iceland

Salmon catch statistics, June 20

Every Wednesday fishing numbers are collected in most of the salmon rivers in Iceland

The salmon has arrived in Skjalfandafljot river

The first salmon has been spoted in the Skjalfandafljot river, which officially opens the 18th of June, next Monday.

Salmon caught in Brennan junction pool

Brennan Junction pools opened few days a go and is starting really well, We have available prime dates 19-21 july.

Laxa river in Dolum

3 days available, prime time.

Fishing in Iceland 2018

Is it still possible to make a reservation?

ICELAND - 2018 salmon season opened today!

After a long winter our first river opened today and the salmon is here!

Photos from last year opening in Urridafoss

18 salmons caught the first day 2017

Lakesystem Lysa opens today

Wide variety of fishing water - Great family fishing

Urridafoss waterfall

The sputnic of 2017. only few rods available 2018.

ION Beat - The world famous trophy trout fishing on Lake Thingvellir

Availability in July, August and September 2018

Leira river opening

Great opening day in Leira river.

Fishing season starts today!

Prime time for sea trout fishing.

Iceland, Arctic Char fishing

Wonderful 3 rod river in North Iceland, Brunná river.

Fishing day tours in Iceland

Have you booked your fishing adventure yet?

The perfect trout combo

Experience the wide variety of trout fishing Iceland has to offer.

The fishing season is just around the corner

Less than a month to go - Prime time sea trout fishing

Have you booked your ticket to Iceland yet?

Take a look at the fishing options you can add to your Iceland experience

Family fishing on Lakesystem Lysa

Nice and relaxing surroundings - Perfect for families

Trophy Trout adventure, Lake Thingvellir ION Beat

Have you dreamed about catching a Brown trout 10 pound+? Well, here is your chance!

Brennan junction pool

Perfect location for small groups and families

Fishing day tours

Join us fishing for a day, suitable for beginners and experienced anglers.

Day tours in 2018

Add a day tour to your Iceland experience - Suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers.

Some of the biggest brown trout in the world!

Available slots on the famous ION beat on Lake Thingvellir

Always wanted to fish in Iceland?

Good questions that give anglers an idea on how to start planning.

Skjalfandafljot river in Northern Iceland

Skjalfandafljot river is one of a kind. This large, strong river with good sized salmon, set in picturesque surroundings is a favourite of ours.

Family fishing ideas

Fishing with your family is always a good idea, here are our best sellers.

The perfect Icelandic trout adventure

The perfect combination to experience the wide variety of trout and char fishing Iceland has to offer

Fishing in Iceland

Are you thinking about fishing in Iceland in 2018? Let's start planning your next adventure.

Fnjóska river 2018

Fnjóska is truly one of Iceland’s most beautiful rivers.

Enter the draw for a reindeer hunt in Iceland this fall

Please send us the information by February 5th

Sea Angling

Perfect for groups and families - Suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers

Laxa river in Kjos

Prime time full catering first class salmon fishing

Laxa river in Dolum

One of the best and most productive samon rivers in Iceland - Prime time slots

Icelandic Reindeer Lottery

For those who want to apply for reindeer hunt in Iceland 2018

A few good reasons to visit Iceland

Iceland is known for good salmon fishing but there is more to Iceland than fishing.

Prime dates at Straumar and Brennan Junctin beat

We have prime week available in Straumar and Brennan junction beats.

Sea angling from Reykjavik harbour

Perfect for families and friends

Happy New Year

May the fish be with you! Few pictures and thoughts about 2017, see you soon.

Fishing day tours in 2018

Suitable for beginners and experienced anglers

New Year's Eve traditions in Iceland

Bonfires all around the country

Musk ox hunting in Greenland

The perfect tour for adventure hunters to experience the arctic winter

Merry Christmas

We wish you all a merry Christmas

Salmon fishing in North Iceland, Fnjóska river

Fnjóská is a 8 rod river where every two rods share one brand new cottage. Fnjóská is one of the prettiest salmon river in Iceland.

Salmon fishing in Skjálfandafljót river

We are so happy with our new river, Skjálfandafljot river in the north

New for 2018 Lower Rangá rivers

Fantastic option for 2018. 20-30 thousand salmon go trough the beat every summer. Prime time available!

The Icelandic Yule-lads

Do you know the whole Icelandic Christmas story? 13 Santa Clauses, trolls, Christmas cat, elves...

Sea angling in 2018

Perfect for groups and families

Add fishing to your Iceland adventure

Wide variety of fishing day tours, suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers

Salmon fishing in the river Dee 30/4 - 2/5, 2018

We are going our yearly trip to Scotland and we have space for one or two anglers.

Salmon fishing on the Big Laxa

We have available few days on the legendery Laxa in Adaldalur (Big Laxa)

Salmon fishing in East Ranga

Spring fishing in East Ranga - BIG salmon

Best salmon fishing in Iceland ?

The biggest news of salmon fishing in Iceland for many years is the fishing in Urridafoss waterfall.

Fishing in north Iceland

The great Skjalfandafljot river, famous for its many waterfalls and big fishes!

Greenland Winter adventure

Ptarmigan hunting in Greenland is very interesting and a great adventure. Greenland is one of the oldest countries in the world and is very different from everything else

Laxá river in Dölum 2018

Laxá river in Dölum had a fantastic season and has been on fire for the last few years

Langa River

Two rods available for 3 days in July

The perfect Icelandic trout adventure

Experience all the beauties and the wide variety of trout fishing in Iceland

The famous Icelandic wool sweater

Why is the Icelandic wool sweater so special?

Fishing day tours in 2018

Add a day tour to your Iceland experience - Suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers.

The best salmon fishing in Iceland

"The sputnic of 2017 in Iceland"

Salmologic Fly Casting Seminars in May 2018

Henrik Mortensen and Thomas Taarup strike back with their popular fly casting seminars.

When should you visit Iceland for fishing and/or hunting?

An overview over fishing and hunting options in Iceland - month to month.

Want to fish in Iceland?

How to start planning and exploring, let us assist you.

Spring sea trout fishing in Iceland

Active and vibrant prime time fishing in the spring.

Arctic char fishing in Greenland

One of the best arctic char fishing in the world in extraordinary nature.

Welcome our new boat!

Sea angling from Reykjavik harbour

Family fishing in Iceland

Bring the whole family to Snaefellsnes peninsula to fish and explore.

Sugen på att fiska på Island?

Lax, öring, röding, havsöring, eller kombination av olika alternativ.

Goose hunting in Iceland

it is almost prime time for goose hunting and it is going really well.

Fishing 24/7 in Iceland

A unique trout and char adventure

Sea Angling in 2018

Perfect for families and groups - Sea angling suits everyone.

Choosing the right fishing tour

What to think of when choosing the right fishing tour?

Fishing day tour on Leira river

Leira river is full of life. Few days available until the river closes in October.

Are you coming to Iceland in 2018?

Add a fishing day tour to your Iceland experience - suitable for beginners and experienced anglers

Prime time trout and char fishing tour in Iceland 2018

Two prime time weeks available for 2018.

Iceland Outfitters in North Spain - October 2nd

Iceland Outfitters will have a reception for guests interested in fishing and/or hunting in Iceland and Greenland

Langá river

ICELAND - Langá is one of the classic Icelandic salmon river

Iceland - Catch statistics

Iceland has about 100 salmon rivers, but here is a list of the catch in appr. half of them

Gaula availability 2018

It is time to book the salmon fishing in Norway for next year.

Fishing day tours in September and October

You can still manage to add fishing to your Iceland experience - The best way to get to know the Icelandic nature!

Want to catch the biggest trout of your life?

Last chance to join us on the ION beat, trouts up to 30 pounds are caught there every year.

Moose hunt in Estonia, October 17 - 22, 2017 - WOMEN ONLY

Our annual T&T international visit to Estonia is on again

Musk ox and caribou hunting in Greenland

Harpa Hlín, the owner of Iceland Outfitters and T&T int. member describes the hunt in Greenland

Monster trout in Lake Thingvellir

Autumn is comming and the big Trout is getting more active again, last days until the lake close

Goose hunting season is on

It´s only a few days until we can start the goose hunt

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

It is always a good idea to add fishing to your Iceland adventure

Char fishing in July

Comment: We thank you very much for the perfect trip organization to which we give the highest score...

Pictures from one of yesterday's day tours

Father and son fishing on Holaa river

Availability in the Lower Ranga

Last minute cancellation in the beginning of August

Fishing report - salmon caught per rod

Top list over catch statistics per rod in Iceland

Urridafoss waterfall - The sputnic of 2017

Most salmon caught per rod in whole Iceland

Salmon has started to arrive in Lakesystem Lysa

Trout and char fishing with chances of salmon

Day tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri

Suitable for beginners as well as experienced anglers.

Fishing report

A short fishing report for some of our main rivers

Availability in Straumar

We have two rods available due to cancellation

Urridafoss waterfall - The hotspot of 2017

The best average catch of all salmon fishing in whole Iceland

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik

Suitable for beginners as well as experienced anglers.

What is happening in Iceland in July?

There are some other things than fishing happening in Iceland in July, here are some of them.

The opening of Laxa in Dolum

Great opening - good season start and plenty of fish

26 pound brown trout caught in Lake Thingvellir

26 pound brown trout was caught in Lake Thingvellir yesterday evening on the ION beat

Report from a Swiss man

Fishing in Thverá/Kjarrá in June

Fishing for Ice Age brown trout

Trouts up to 30 pounds are caught there every year - some of the worlds biggest brown trouts

Urridafoss waterfall - The sputnic of 2017

The average catch is now 6,5 salmon per rod per day - The great fishing is getting even better

Skjalfandafljot river opened yesterday

Great opening, big salmon and plenty of them!

Sea angling day tours

Sea angling day tours from Reykjavik harbour, suitable for beginners as well as experienced anglers, popular for families.

The great fishing in Urridafoss continues

On average 6 salmon are caught per rod per day.

Fishing in Iceland this summer

Salmon season opens in Iceland in June. Most of the best fishing is already fully booked but there are few slots still available.

75 salmon caught in Kjarra and Thvera rivers

The opening of Kjarra and Thvera rivers has been great, all anglers getting several bites.

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri

Fishing day tours, suitable for beginners as well as experienced anglers.

More great news from Urridafoss waterfall

The great fishing in Urridafoss waterfall in Thjorsa river continues - Pictures from this morning's fishing

Great opening in Kjarra river

The famous Kjarra river is full of life, the season start could not have been better!

Photos from yesterday's fishing in Lake Thingvellir

Yesterday's fishing in Lake Thingvellir was fun and beautiful trouts were caught.

Fishing in the Lower Ranga

All the salmon of East and West Ranga rivers goes through Lower Ranga.

80 salmon in 6 days in Urridafoss

Great season start in Urridafoss waterfall!

Family friendly self catering rivers

It is always a good idea to take the family on a fishing holiday to Iceland, here are our top suggestions.

First salmon caught in the Rangas

The first salmon has been caught in the Rangas rivers and many other spotted.

Would you like to join the opening of famous Kjarra river?

We have one rod available due to cancellation, the opening is just around the corner.

What's happening in Iceland in June?

There are some other things than fishing happening in Iceland in June, here are some of them.

Descend into a volcano

The dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano is a unique natural phenomenon and you can see it from the inside.

Urridafoss opening today

Today's first salmon caught early in the morning on Snaelda - Urridafoss is full of life!

The first salmon has been caught!

The first salmon of the season was caught in Urridafoss waterfall in Thjorsa river

Day tours from Reykjavik

Fishing and hunting day tours from Reykjavik

Salmon fishing in Iceland

The opening of the salmon season is just around the corner, want to join?

Family holiday in Iceland

Combining your family holiday with fishing on a fair price, self catering lodge and fishing included.

Midnight Sun in Iceland

The never-ending days during the sommer months.

Eager for some monster trout?

Prime time dates available for Ice Age Trout in Lake Thingvellir

Sea angling day tours from Reykjavik

Family friendly day tours from Reykjavik, refreshments included.

Hölkná river

We have few parties left this summer, bigfish river, nice lodge and only 2 rod private river.

Salmon has arrived!

Good news, salmon was seen going up Hvita river, which many famous salmon river run into.

A good start with the fly casting seminars

Two available slots left, suitable for experienced anglers as well as beginners.

One of our favourites, Fnjóska river

We still have available rods prime time

Daytours from Reykjavik and Akureyri

We offer private guided day tours for both experienced anglers as well as total beginners

Big spring salmon in Iceland

Two rods became available in the famous Thvera river in late June, a rare opportunity this time a year!

Sometimes it is cheaper to rent river close to Reykjavik than buying a hotelroom.

our litle Seatrout and salmon river Leira is only 20 min drive from Reykjavik, nice litle lodge comes along with the river.

Lower Rangá prime dates

We have few rods available on prime time in Lower East Ranga

Salmon fishing in Iceland this summer?

2017 availability, for those who want to do some prime fishing in Iceland this summer.

Henrik Mortensen in Iceland, May 10 - 15

The man behind the Salmologic fishing tackle, Henrik Mortensen with casting seminars in Iceland in May

BIG trout, prime time days available on Lake Thingvellir

For those who are searching for a Ice age - This is a unique oportunity

Leirá river in Leirársveit

our small litle cosy river which is only 20 min drive from Reykjavik.

Sea trout fishing in Iceland, spring fishing.

Seatrout fishing season opens April 1st.

Tungufljot Seatrout fishing

Spring will arrive soon and we are looking forward to wet our flies for Sea-trout.

Salmon fishing in Dee first week of May 2017

Hosted trip with Stefan in Scotland May 2017,

ICELAND - Goose hunting 2017

Fantastic season is over and we are booking 2017. Two slot still available on prime time.

Salmon fishing in Langa river

we have few rods available in Langa river next summer, Fantastic river for those who love technical fishing.

Small sea trout and salmon stream

Leirá river is located 20 min drive from Reykjavík. Sea trout in the spring and salmon in the summer

When should I travel to Iceland for fishing and hunting?

We would be happy to plan your next adventure, here you see a list of what you can fish and hunt for when visiting Iceland.

Skjálfandafljót river in North East Iceland

Iceland Outfitters signed a lease on Skjálfandafljót for the next few years.

Women hunting moose, in Estonia

Is hunting for women? A group of women hunters travelled to Estonia for moose hunting.

Trout and char fishing in the mid highlands of Iceland

Fancy spending few days away from everything, just fishing the whole day and even through the night?

Salmon fishing in Iceland, Laxá in Dölum

4 - 6 rods full service salmon river. One of the best in Iceland.

Fly fishing in Argentina, March 11 - 18 ( Good offer )

The avid angler, reel maker and a good friend Steingrímur Einarsson hosting a Sea-trout fishing tour to Rio Gallegos in March.

Icelandic Reindeer Lottery

After few weeks we will have our annual Reindeer lottery, for those who want to apply

The perfect salmon fishing combination 2017

Thinking about fishing in Iceland? Here is a really nice idea for 2017.

Spring Fishing in East Ranga 2017

Are you ready for big springers in East Ranga next June? Exciting option for salmon fishing.

Some happy memories from last summer

We at Icelandoutfitters take lot of photos over the summertime here are few photos from last summer of happy anglers.

Big Salmon in North Iceland

Fnjóská river is a 8 rod river where every two rods share one brand new cottage. Fnjóská is one of the prettiest salmon river in Iceland and we love it.

Salmon fishing in Straumar Junction

One of the best 2 rod beat in Iceland is called Straumar junction

ICELAND - Salmon fishing in August

Laxa river in Dolum is for those who like high quality salmon fishing, with a good lodge in stunning surroundings.

ICELAND - Salmon fishing in June

First class salmon fishing in Iceland. Thverá and Kjarrá in June - BIG fish

ICELAND - Salmon fishing in July

Laugardalsá is a 3 rod salmon river in the Westfjords of Iceland. Get a private river for your group. Prime time JULY

Rock Ptarmigan photos - Iceland

The Ptarmigan is one of the national birds of Iceland and many hunters favourite game bird. Sigurbjörn Arnasson went out photoshooting.

Fnjóská 2017

Salmon fishing on Fnjóská river is fantastic option for reasonable price

Happy Holidays

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you next year, Harpa and Stefan

Salmon fishing in Kjarra and Thverá combo.

One of the best spring option what Iceland can offer in Salmon fishing is Kjarra and Thvera river

Lower East Rangá 2017

here is a good option for all Ranga anglers for a reasonable price

Laugardalsá river

The fantastic Laugardalsá is the perfect 3 rod river for small self catering croups, with good average catch

A fantastic few days in Kjarrá river

We went to Kjarrá for few days last June and we had so much fun.

Salmon fishing in Iceland

Time is ticking... now is the time to plan your next fishing adventure.

Salmon fishing in Krossa on Skardstrond

Small cosy and good averige fishing numbers

Salmon fishing in Langa river 2017

Langa river is one of the best known Icelandic salmon river, perfect for tiny flies and hitch.

Salmon fishing in Brynjudalsá

Brynjudalsá is fantastic option for families and smaller group, close to Reykjavik and good fishing

T&T international in Estonia 2016

Women hunting club, T&T int. just got back from a hunt in Estonia

The famous Salmon man

The dentist or Toti as he is Called is the man who has caught most salmon in the world

Iceland Outfitters - staff

Who are we? Small introductions and photos of our guides

Arctic Char fishing in Greenland 2017

Best Arctic char fishing in the world? Our prices for next summer are ready. There is a limited availability, first come, first get.

Some Goose hunting Photos

Our Hunting Guide Aleksi Stenfors from Finland is amazing photographer and made this photos below

Ptarmigan season starts at the end of October

We are counting the days, there is less than one month until the ptarmigan season starts. Now is the time to book your weekend in Iceland

Goose shooting is going really well

October has been really good to our hunters and many birds on our hunting fields,

2016 fishing is over.. Let's start dreaming about 2017

How was it? We had a fantastic time, it was challenging, behind every fish caught there was a hard working angler.

Brennan, 3 rod beat in West Iceland

Salmon and trout fishing in Brennan junction pool is an attractive option

Iceland, midhighland fishing 2017

An interesting option for fishing in Iceland is to go up to the highland and fish for trout and char.

Salmon fishing 2017, Iceland

Thverá and Kjarrá river are one of the best spring fishing options in Iceland and we have rods available.

We are still doing lot of fishing

It's autumn in Iceland and the fishing is still really great

2016 salmon season

Number of salmon caught September 14th

T&T International hunting tour in October 2016

Icelandic Outfitters is planning a women only hunting tour to Estonia October 19-23. Are you interested?

The summer 2016 is the year of 2SW salmon

Anglers agree this summer will be remembered for the amount of large salmon (2SW) caught. There have probably never been as many new members in the 100 cm club as in this summer.

Arrangement of Ptarmigan hunting season 2016

Arrangement of ptarmigan hunting this year will be similar as in the past three years. Total catch is 40.000 birds.

High season in goose and duck hunting begins

Hunting season in Iceland has been great so far, and high season is coming up.

Why not combining a great hunting tour and the northern lights?

Autumn and winter is the time to observe the northern lights.

Icelandic goose hunters discovered tenth century viking sword

a group of Icelandic goose hunters accidentally found an important archaeological viking sword. The Cultural Heritage Centre of Iceland believe it is a very important discovery, but the last sword found was over a decade ago. Only 20 swords have been found in Iceland.

Good times

Just got few photos sent from one of our good client this summer.

Reindeer hunting in Iceland

We went reindeer hunting in East Iceland last weekend - photos

Iceland - Reykjanes Peninsula, photos

Remember our superguide Jane Alexander? Here are few photos from her last visit to Reykjanes peninsula

Comment from client

Day tour fishing Hróarslaekur river

Helicopter tour on a beautiful July day

Yesterday we went flying over South Iceland - words just can not describe our experience so here´s a few pictures.

What's on in Iceland in August

Enjoy various Icelandic festivals and events in August

Comment from client

Day tour trout fishing

Forcast is for rain, rain and some more rain

It seems our sunbathing days are over and we should be preparing for our next fishing tour

Dry weather, but good times in Iceland

A few photos from the weekend.

Our fishing during the past few days

We have been all over Iceland during these past few days, but mainly fishing for trout and Arctic char.

One of the best starts ever of the salmon season

Most rivers are full of salmon these days and we cant remember a better start.

Fossá River, Iceland salmon fishing

Here are a few photos taken in September from the great autumn river Fossá

Top ten Restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland

So many restaurants... so little time! We will help you to choose where to go.

Laxá in Dölum river - Fly fishing in Iceland

Best salmon fishing you can imagine, photos from Laxá in Dölum.

Goose hunting in Iceland

Goose hunting in Iceland - 2016 availability. There are only few prime dates still available.

Sea angling in Iceland

Sea angling is a very nice way to experience the best Iceland has to offer.

2016 salmon season in Iceland

Salmon season is opening with more salmon than ever before, but will it continue as good?

There is salmon all over Iceland

A fantastic start, the best ever

West Rangá river 2016

Best fishing in Iceland? We still have a few rods PRIME TIME available for 2016

Iceland - Fnjóská river opened with 6 salmon caught

Yesterday afternoon, 6 salmon were landed in Fnjóská river

2016 availability

It is not too late to join us fishing this year.. here you can see what is still available

Salmon fishing in Iceland 2016

Now more and more rivers are opening and we hear the same story everywhere.

Two of the most dangerous flies in Iceland

What two flies would you bring if you were salmon fishing in Iceland and could only take two flies with you?

Pictures from Straumar junction pool and West Rangá

Here are few pictures from a successful fishing tour in July 2015, they almost caught too much.

Hróarslækur river 2016

Hróarslækur is West Rangá's little sister. A beautiful, 4 rod stream about one hours drive from Reykjavik

Rivers with self catering cottages in Iceland

Salmon fishing in Iceland 2016. We had a fantastic season in 2015 and we hope to see all again this summer.

Iceland - Best salmon fishing opening EVER!

Salmon season opened 2 days ago and never before have there been so many salmon caught and seen this early.

Salmon fishing in the Kola River in Russia

Our top guides and good friends Sigvaldi and Gunnar are fishing in Kola river and are doing a great job.

Salmon fishing in Laugardalsá river

One of the best slots in Laugardalsá river just came available.

Salmon fishing in West Rangá

We still have 3 rods available for August 17th-20th, which was the best week in 2015

The first day of the salmon season in Iceland is today

Nordurá river is the first to open and 4 salmon were landed in the first 2 hours.

Iceland - Salmon fishing season starts at 7 a.m. tomorrow

Who will win the annual competition between Blandá and Nordurá rivers?

Laxá river in Laxárdalur

For those who love catching big Brown trout on dry flies, in stunning scenery.

Gaula river in Norway

Salmon season has started in Norway and anglers are already catching fish

Iceland - Salmon has arrived in Laxá river in Kjós

The first salmon has been seen in Laxá river in Kjós

Trout fishing in Iceland, Laxá river in Myvatnsveit

Is the Brown trout fishing in Laxa in Myvatnssveit the best fishing in the whole wide world?

Skjálfandafljót river

Every year we at Iceland Outfitters are pleased to have a few days available at Skjálfandafljót river. It's a great idea to combine fishing in Skjálfandafljót with the famous trout beat at Laxá or Fnjóská

Best father and son day ever

One of our guides, Silli "The Chef" went out to Lake Thingvellir with his son and they got Lucky.

These days just became available prime time in Leirvogsá river

We just had 1,5 days prime time cancelation in Leirvogsá river, so it´s time to jump in and get one of the best salmon fishing available in Iceland

Ptarmigan hunting in Iceland

Ptarmigan season lasts for only 12 days and starts on October 23rd. The perfect combination, ptarmigan and goose hunting at the Melar hunting grounds.

What kind of flies should I bring to Iceland for the smaller rivers?

What kind of flies should I bring and what kind of technique should I use in Iceland for the smaller rivers?

The salmon have arrived

The first salmon has been spotted and less than 2 weeks until the first salmon rivers open

Salmon fishing in Iceland Laxá in Dölum

1 rod is available for salmon fishing in Laxá in Dölum, July 14th - 18th

Our week in Scotland

We just came back from wonderful Scotland and had a really good time

Flugukastkennsla, mánudaginn 16. maí kl. 16

Henrik Mortensen og Thomas Thaarup eru með kastkennslu á Rútstúni um helgina.

Extra casting seminar in Reykjavik, May 14th @15:00

Henrik Mortensen has added one more seminar

Fishing day tours from Reykjavík

Salmon, trout or char fishing in Iceland

The 2016 fishing season is on in Iceland

The season is on and we see smiling faces every day with huge Brownies

Fishing in Hróarslækur river

We still have few rods on prime time in Hroarslækur river in the south.

Salmon fishing in Fnjóská river

2 rods just became available for 4 days on Prime time.

The Icelandic sheep

The animal that has kept us alive during the centuries.

Happy summer from us at Iceland outfitters !

Yes it’s official, summer has arrived in Iceland. Thursday April 21 st marks the first day of summer here and is a public holiday.

Henrik Mortensen will be in Iceland May 12th-16th

Flyfishing casting seminars with Henrik Mortensen in Reykjavik, Iceland

Salmon fishing Laxá river in Adaldalur (Big Laxá)

We have a few rods available in August in one of the most legendary beats in Iceland

Salmon fishing in Scotland

We are on our way to the famous Orton beat so come and join us.

Iceland Outfitters in Finland

Fishing and hunting in Iceland - Helsinki, Thursday April 14th @18:00.

Our top tips on booking a fishing trip to Iceland

There are many things to think about when booking a fishing trip to Iceland, here are few pointers.

salmon fishing in Laxá river in Dölum 14th-18th July

Laxá river in Dölum had an amazing season, 1578 salmon with just 4-6 rods. We have available rods and it´s great value for money

Trout fishing season starts in Iceland on Friday

We are getting excited here at Iceland Outfitters, only one more day to go and then it´s on.

Hunting season has now ended here in Iceland

The hunting season ended 15 March and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who joined us.

Easter in Iceland

Finally, there is an end to the winter, the sun is high in the sky and the days are long and the fishing season starts in few day´s

Fishing day tour from Reykjavik

Iceland Outfitters offers a fishing tour that suits everyone

Spring trout fishing

Some spring fishing photos since April 2015

Sea trout fishing in Iceland starts in few days,

Here below are few photos since last year from the opening week of the season


Let's start planning your next fishing adventure. The fishing season in Iceland will start before you know it.

Fishing in Scotland - 3 rods available.

Orton beat on SPEY, May 1st - 8th. Will you join us?

Arctic char fishing in East Iceland

One of the best Arctic char rivers in Iceland, a small river just for your group

PRIME TIME, Salmon fishing in West Rangá

The third week of August was the best week last year with over 900 salmon caught. We have 2 rods available for this year.

Sea trout and spring fishing in Iceland

Spring is just around the corner and therefore time to prepare for the 1st of April.

Highland fishing

Fishing for Trout and Arctic char in the middle of nowhere

Salmon and trout fishing in June

The perfect spring trout and salmon trip in Iceland

Thverá river

A few rods became available 1th-4th September in Thverá river

Blast and Cast in September

For those who love fishing and wing shooting, here is the perfect plan for you

Sea angling in Iceland

4 nights, 3 days sea angling in West Iceland. Availability in May, August and September

Some happy moments

We had many smiling faces around us this season, here are some photos iI found on my camera

A few days just came available in West Rangá 2016 ( in best week of 2015 )

West Rangá is now almost fully booked after a fantastic season 2015, 2 rods just came available.

Langá river

We have a few openings available in Langá river next summer

Goose hunting in Iceland

2016 season starts August 20th. Here you see a video from the hunting in 2015

West Rangá river 2016

We still have some openings in West Rangá next summer. Don´t be too late to book your fishing.

2 rods available prime time - perfect fishing tour

4 days fishing Straumar and West Rangá, July 17th - 21st

winter break in Iceland?

Where else can you lie in the dark in an outdoor heated swimming pool at 10 in the morning, planning your northern light´s trip for the evening?

How to fly to Iceland?

When you are searching for the best and cheapest flights to get to Iceland, you should try websites like or

Best wishes for 2016

2015 was a fantastic year. What are your plans for 2016?

Christmas in Iceland

We are sure our readers are fully aware that Christmas is around the corner. This year we decided to draw back from the stress and enjoy a break.

Wild goose breast cured „á la Iceland Outfitters“

We feel there is no Christmas without cured goose breast. Served with red, white and green garnishes it is the perfect holiday starter. Here is our favorite recipe. Enjoy!

TV report about the goose hunting in Iceland

Goose hunting report premiered at Caza y Pesca Tuesday, 22nd December

Iceland Outfitter´s newsletter

Fishing and hunting information from Iceland.

Grímsá river, a high class fly fishing water with a superb lodge in a beautiful location

The classic Icelandic salmon river, clear water, fished with single handed rod, floating line, riffling Hitch and small flies

Gifts from Iceland

There are numerous craftsmen and designers in Iceland doing interesting things that you might like to give to your loved ones.

We are starting to book Greenland for next summer

If you want to try something new, fishing in untouched nature of Greenland is something you will never forget.

Hunting in Iceland. Photos from last weekend.

We had some great friends from Finland last week visiting and we went hunting goose and ptarmigan.

Fishing in Iceland 2016

We are still sky high after a fantastic salmon season in 2015. For those planning to join us in 2016, please notice that we are busy taking bookings so don't miss out

The goose hunting is going really well

We have had many very happy hunters during the last few weeks and now the season has been going really well

Ptarmigan season starts today

Many hunters go out of town at this time of year to hunt for their Christmas dinner

Oviedo - Ponferrada - Madrid

Tenemos planeados 3 x reuniones para introducir las posibilidades de pesca en Islandia

Caza y Pesca in Iceland

The Spanish TV station Caza y Pesca is in Iceland, doing a report about the geese and duck hunting in Iceland

Winter in Iceland.

Brrrrr, so you may think that our winters are long and dark, but in fact they can be very beautiful and intriguing.

Iceland Outfitters in North Spain

Harpa and Stefan will be visiting North Spain to promote salmon fishing in Iceland, 27/10-3/11

Goose shooting season has almost reached prime time.

it is going quite well on our hunting fields and our hunters are having some really great mornings

Dog Sledding in Greenland

March and April 2016 - Dog sledding in Greenland is an adventure that will create life time memories.

Laxá in Dölum 2016

Laxá in Dölum is one of the better andmost productive rivers in Iceland, fished with only 4-6 rods with an average catch of about 1220 salmon.

Goose hunting and sea angling

Next to our goose hunting grounds we have a very interesting combination option

La pesca en Islandia

La temporada de pesca de salmón en Islandia ha sido una de las mejores desde que empezamos a llevar registro de nuestros ríos.

Iceland - How has the fishing been this year?

Fishing in Iceland, overlooking the season

Available Ptarmigan weekends, check it out

Ptarmigan season in Iceland starts in 40 days

The goose season has already started here in Iceland

The goose season has started and the duck season is about to begin and we look forward to you joining us.

2015 available rods for salmon fishing.

The salmon season ends between 20th Sept -20th Oct. There is though plenty of salmon and this is definitely the time to come and fish

Customer review

Best Iceland experience ever. I've fished all over the world and I've fished Iceland for a few years..

Unique luxury in South Iceland.

Visiting Iceland this autumn? Here is an accommodation option that has never been available before and perhaps never again.

Most rivers have already reached their 2014 final numbers

2015 is turning out to be a good year for salmon fishing in Iceland

Iceland from above

What a country we live in. If you ever get the chance to see Iceland from above, you should take it.

What´s happening in Iceland in August?

Visiting Iceland in August? We have farmers markets, craft fairs, concerts, family events and lots more going on.

Salmon season is going well

There is plenty of fish in most rivers and the season is above average here.

West Rangá is on fire

Three and a half days of fishing, one shared rod and a LOT of salmon

August public holiday - What's on in Iceland

Next weekend is the biggest travelling weekend in Iceland. There are festivals all over Iceland, with live music and a lot of happenings.

Fnjóská river - photos

Fnjóská is a beautiful salmon river in North Iceland which is just a 10 min drive from Akureyri

The salmon are running and we are having a great time

Most rivers in Iceland are filling up with salmon now which is fantastic.

Salmon man

Has any man on this planet landed more salmon than Mr. Thorarinn Sigthorsson?

Salmon fishing in West Iceland going well

2015 AVAILABILITY -Straumar and Brennan junction pools of Hvítá and Thverá river are all fishing really well.

Salmon season in Iceland

Newest fishing reports from Iceland

Great fishing at the West Rangá river

51 salmon caught yesterday and 49 the day before

2015 season

Number of salmon caught in Iceland. Updated weekly.

Fun festivals in Iceland, July 2015.

July is the most popular month for travelling in Iceland, both for lcelanders and for foreign visitors. Here are some ideas what you can do in July.

Iceland, West Rangá river, available July 24th to 28th

2 rods are available on West Rangá river for 4 days of fishing

Langá river, salmon fishing - Iceland

Fish is running in Langá river these days and the numbers are rising.

Laxá river in Dölum had a good start

A good start for Laxá river in Dölum and looks promising for the upcoming season

Fnjoská River still full of melting snow

Fnjoská river is proving to be a bit difficult because of melting snow.

Grímsá river Iceland, first photos 2015

Here are few photos from Grímsá river. Grímsá is one of the most beautiful river in Iceland.

A truly marvelous opening on the West Rangá river

June 26th, West Rangá river was opened with 35 salmon caught

Salmon fishing news, a great start everywhere.

Salmon season has begun and we are having a fantastic start

June 19th..yet another celebration.

It’s a hundred years since women gained the right to vote here in Iceland

Good start of the salmon fishing in Iceland 2015

Iceland - Now our salmon rivers are opening one after another and the fishing is starting well.

June 17th is Iceland's national day

Hæ, hó, jibbí jei! We are celebrating our National Day, June 17th.

Iceland - Great opening day at Thverà river

Thverà river opened this morning for salmon fishing and by noon four salmon had already been landed.

Special offer - Autumn fishing for salmon in Iceland

Great autumn fishing offer on Langá river, 31st Aug - 2nd September 2015

ICELAND - What's on in Iceland in June?

Fun festivals in Iceland, summer 2015. There are plenty of festivals and celebrations going on around Iceland this summer

Salmon fishing in Iceland, very good value for money

Hróarslaekur river is a 4 rod salmon river that runs into West Rangá river.

Iceland, availability on West Rangá river

Salmon fishing - fantastic dates available on West Rangá river this summer

Good opening day

It's a good start in Nordurá and Blandá rivers, with promising numbers for the upcoming season

Iceland - 2015 salmon season has started!

The first day of the season is always very exciting for the anglers of Iceland. Salmon has been landed both in Blandá and Nordurá rivers

Salmologic has arrived in Iceland

Iceland Outfitters are proud agents for Salmologic fishing tackles.

Iceland, photos from Lake Thingvellir

Last week, we had these wonderful guys from Norway Trout fishing in Lake Thingvellir.

Iceland, trout fishing news from Galtalækur

We had an amazing day in Galtalækur and caught a few nice ones after a bit of hard work, but so worth it.

Fishing in Kamchatka

Ready for the adventure of a life time? This is the ultimate fishing tour, ONLY for the most adventurous anglers around the world.

ESTONIA - Wild boar and moose hunt for women only.

Hello women hunters. Here is one of the most fun event of the year. The international hunt for women in Estonia. October 21st to 25th.

Iceland - First salmon was caught yesterday

The first salmon of 2015 has been landed. Yesterday a lucky angler fishing in West Rangá river caught the first salmon of the season.

The Icelandic alphabet….a simple ABC?

Á means river, and the letter Á is pronounced OW! as in the noise you would make if you ran barefoot through the lava.

Spring fishing news from Iceland

May is the best time for trout fishing in Iceland, at least when it's not snowing...

Salmon fishing season is almost here

Yes, it's less than 25 days until salmon season starts here in Iceland

Laugardalsá river

We still have some prime time rods left in Laugardalsá this summer. Check availability, good price

2.490 reasons to fish Arctic char in Greenland 2015

Arctic char fishing in Greenland is one of a kind. Is Greenland fishing the Nirvana or heaven on earth?

Spain - Iceland

Fishing in Iceland, presentation in Spain, May 9th - 14th. See you in Spain

Photos from last summer

So now it's only one month until the first salmon arrive in Iceland and we are getting very excited.

Iceland, salmon fishing availability 2015

Fishing in Iceland? Here are 3 good salmon fishing availability in Iceland, 2015

Iceland Outfitters en España, desde 9 a 14 de Mayo

Estaremos en España para introducir las posibilidades de pesca y caza en Islandia.

Women hunters, moose and wild boar

Iceland Outfitters will be joining the international women's hunt in Estonia in October

We wish you a happy weekend and tight frozen lines!

Here in Iceland, Sea trout season has begun. Can someone please let the weather know?

Laugardalsá river

Two parties have just become available during prime time next summer. Perfect riffling hitch river with a good number of salmon.

Arctic char fishing in Greenland

The best Arctic char fishing in the world? Well, as far as we know it is! Join us fishing in Greenland in August/September

Salmon fishing in Thverá and Kjarrá rivers

Top class salmon fishing rivers located in West Iceland, perfect for fly fishing. We have two openings left for these magnificent rivers in 2015

Trout fishing season in Iceland finally here!

Our good friends opened Varmá river on April 1st and enjoyed really good fishing.

Let's go fishing!

ICELAND - Finally it's here, the trout fishing season opens tomorrow.

Fishing in Iceland 2015, availability

Salmon fishing in Fnjóská river, Iceland. Icelandoutfitters have a few prime time days available for 2015. offering a good price for a wonderful river.

Iceland in pictures

Photos from Iceland by Ólafur Höskuldur Ólafsson

Salmon fishing in Gaula, Norway

Meet the giants in Norway at the world class Gaula fly fishing lodge.

Laxá river in Dölum

Laxá in Dölum is one of the most productive salmon rivers in Iceland and we have a few rods available.

Russia, March 17th to 21st

Iceland Outfitters will be attending the MITT travel show in Moscow next week

How many elves live in Iceland?

There are about 320.000 people in Iceland, about 75.000 horses, about 470.000 sheep, but what about elves?

2015, Prime time availabilities for salmon fishing in Iceland

Lets go fishing! We have some very tempting prime time availabilities on West Rangá and Fnjóská rivers for next summer.

June fishing in Iceland for trout and salmon

The beautiful month of June is almost here and we are waiting for you to join us fishing

Goose hunting season in Iceland opens August 20th

Melar goose hunting 2015 in private hunting grounds - some of the very best in Europe

Available rods on Fnjóská river in the north of Iceland

Two rods just became available, PRIME TIME on the superb salmon river Fnjóská in the north of Iceland

Langá river

Prime time availability on Langá river in Iceland

Join us trout fishing in Iceland in June, the Big LAXÁ river

Prime time for Brown trout fishing in North Iceland is in June.

Iceland in Photos

Words can not do nature justice as good photos can. Let the photographers Einar Gudman and Gyda Henningsdottir take you half way to Iceland.

On March 20th a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Iceland

Interested in seeing a solar eclipse? We recommend you visit Iceland and stay in one of the country's finest hotels, Hotel Rangá. Hotel Rangá is working closely with the Icelandic astronomical community

Meet the Team: Jane Alexander

Travel designer, editor, guide and totally passionate about the outdoors.

Spring fishing in Iceland

Fishing season starts on April 1st and we are getting really excited!

The weather in Iceland

Coming to Iceland and wondering what the weather will be like? Well here are a few facts, but in short it is very unpredictable.

Iceland salmon fishing photos

We just added new photos from the salmon rivers in Iceland, Laxá in Kjos and Laxá in dölum. Enjoy :)

Shark fishing

Now, here is something new and exciting, something just that little bit different. How about trying a new experience?

Охота на гусей в Исландии

Частные охотничьи угодья - одни из самых лучших в Европе Melar это охотничьи угодья в Исландии, которые являются одними из самых лучших гусиных охотничьих территорий в Европе. Сочетание более чем 300 га посевов ячменя,


Imagine a remote island inhabited by 300,000 friendly people who speak an ancient language that few in the world even try to understand. This is truly a land of constant fire and ice, where your house can be destroyed by earthquakes, a massive wind burst can blow you down...

Leirvogsá river, Salmon fishing in Reykjavik, Iceland

A days fishing in Leirvogsá is a perfect "add on" to your travel itinerary. If you have a day to spare in Reykjavik. We still have some good days available.

Laxá river in Kjós

One of the most charming and challenging salmon rivers in Iceland

Prime time availablility on West Rangá river

3 days became available on West Rangá river, August 5th to 8th. Average catch per day is 94 salmon. Yes, per DAY!

Iceland Outfitters introduces Melar goose hunting grounds.

It is with great pride and gratitude to announce that we have been chosen to supervise some of the finest hunting grounds in Iceland

Hunting or shooting?

Hunting or shooting, what to use? In American english the term hunting applies to the killing of birds or wild animals.

Goose and duck hunting photos by Mr. Stenfors

Prime time for goose hunting in Iceland is mid September to mid November. We are still at it! Here are some photos from the last few days.

Autumn fishing for salmon in Iceland

Autumn is a good time to visit Iceland. Fishing is still good, but the prices are reduced at that time of year.


Henrik Mortensen the famous angler and fly caster is producing new rods, reels and lines built on a new G&G system.

Salmon Day Tours

There are many salmon rivers around Reykjavik. If you have a day available, you just might like to spend it chasing an Atlantic salmon with a professional guide.

Live camera from the active volcano eruption in Iceland

Have you seen an active volcano in action? Here you can see it live from Iceland.

Salmon fishing in Fnjoská, Iceland. July 13th-18th or Aug 11th-14th

Fnjóská is one of those rivers anglers fall for. Your host Stefán Sigurdsson will lead you through the river and it secrets.

Salmon fishing in West Rangá, Iceland

Interested in fishing in Iceland? Why is West Rangá one of the most popular salmon rivers in Iceland? Lets look at the catch numbers.

Happy New Year

We thank you for a wonderful year, it has been a great pleasure meeting you and being in touch. We hope to see you in Iceland in 2015

Have you ever seen a salmon like this before?

A strange looking salmon was caught in West Rangá river last August.

The most dangerous salmon flies in Iceland

If you only have two flies to take with you to Iceland, these are the one to bring. Nothing else needed. I promise!

DUN Magazine

In the latest edition of DUN Magazine is an article by Harpa Hlin Thordardottir, owner and co-founder of Iceland Outfitters

West Rangá river July 28th to August 3rd. Salmon in Iceland

A few rods available prime time on the West Rangá river. 6 year average catch for the July/August week is 3,9 salmon per rod per DAY!

New building in West Rangá

The new building in West Rangá rises fast these days

Salmon fishing in Iceland, great value of money.

Join us fishing in Fnjóská salmon river, August 11th-14th 2015. Your host will be Stefán Sigurdsson owner of Iceland Outfitters.

Professional fly reels, made in Iceland.

Einarsson fly reels are designed and made in Iceland by Mr. Steingrimur Einarsson angler and artist.

Straumarnir Junction pool

The junction of Nordurá river and Hvitá river is one of nicer places you could find for fishing, with 2 rods and a fantastic old lodge with an average catch of around 300 salmon.

Northern lights

It is getting darker and we see the Northern lights almost every night.

Family fishing in Iceland

Fishing is a wonderful sport that suits the whole family. Some rivers are more ideal for you to bring your children to.

Please meet us in Manchester, London, Ljubljana or Frankfurt

Fishing and hunting introduction available from November 25th to December 3rd. Please make a meeting reservation We look forward to seeing you.

Fishing in Iceland with Iceland Outfitters

Did you know that Iceland has more than 150 salmon rivers all over the country?

Winter is here and so is the hunting season

Winter has arrived and its getting colder and the days are getting shorter - The best time of the year for hunters

ODU Magazine - read about hunting in Iceland

In the new edition of ODU Magazine there is a story by Mr. Bill Vanderford about the hunting in Iceland.

Fishing in Iceland, Fnjóská river.

We are proud to introduce to you the salmon river Fnjóská. 8 rods, big salmon, endless fishing possibilities and reasonably priced.

West Rangá river´s final numbers

West Rangá, season ended October 20th with over 3000 salmon caught

Goose hunting in Iceland - WOMEN ONLY

Goose hunting in Iceland is an amazing sport. Enjoy the amazing landscape and hunting with other women hunters from around the world

Inspiring fishing quotes

We here at Iceland Outfitters admire great minds and thinkers. We have borrowed some of the smart, funny and wise sayings and with our photos made it "ours"

The fishing season has ended and we are dreaming about the next one already.

The fishing season ended yesterday. Today we start our official season of fly tying and day dreaming about the next fishing season

Ptarmigan hunting in Iceland

Ptarmigan hunting season is short in Iceland or only 4 weekends. Starting October 24th, 2014

A new lodge being built for West Rangá river

West Rangá has a catch of over 3000 salmon and the new fishing lodge is being built in the next few months

How to choose the right salmon river?

Iceland offers 150 salmon rivers, so what to choose? Together we will find the best fishing option for you to suit all your needs.

Week 41 Top ten list

East and West Rangá are the only rivers on the list who are still open, but both of them close around 20th October. We will come with a new list next week.

Salmon fishing in Iceland, Brennan junction pool

A 3 rod beat with a nice cottage in West Iceland, about 70 min drive from Reykjavik. 375 salmon 5 yr. average catch

Week 40 top ten List

East and West Rangá are the only rivers on the list which are still open, but both of them close around 20th October.

The goose hunting season in Iceland is good through October

It is starting to get colder here in Iceland and we had the first snow in the capital area in this week. The mountains around Reykjavik area are white and it is cold early in the morning,

42 salmon caught in West Rangá river yesterday.

West Rangá is open until end of October and is still quite good. Yesterday 42 salmon were caught which is very good for this time of the year.

Varmá river is kickin' in

Sea trout fishing in Varmá river is good these days

Goose Hunting

In Iceland, it's getting colder, the days are getting shorter and goose hunters celebrate the coming of the high season.

Week 39 top ten list

The season is nearly at an end and many of the salmon rivers here in Iceland are already closed, but both East and West Rangá rivers are on the topof the list

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