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Iceland is the ultimate place for anglers to fish for the Atlantic salmon. Iceland is known for its pure rivers, wilderness and its plentiful salmon. Many anglers visit Iceland annually whilst others dream about and plan their first visit for years. Do you want some suggestions for your next adventure? Please let us send you some ideas, harpa@icelandoutfitters.com

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Grimsa river

Grimsa river is one of the queen rivers in Iceland, only 70 km from Reykjavik, very accessible with pools made for fly fishing.

Kjarra river

Kjarra has all the qualities that make Icelandic rivers famous. With crystal clear water and an endless variety of pools it is one of the top scoring, high quality Icelandic rivers.

Langa river

The legendary Langa is a real beauty in West Iceland. There you fish Atlantic salmon with light rods and small flies.

Laxa in Dolum

Laxa in Dolum is one of those crystal clear salmon rivers Iceland is famous for. With only 4-6 rods and 6 guest rooms, Laxa in Dolum is the perfect choice for large families, friends or companies.

Laxa river in Kjos

Only 30 minutes drive from Reykjavik you will find one of the best known salmon rivers in Iceland. Laxa river in Kjos is one of the rivers which makes Iceland famous for Atlantic salmon fishing, offering wide variety of technical fishing.

Thvera river

26 km of fly fishing water to only 7 rods. Thvera, often referred to as Thvera/Kjarra as it is the same river. Thvera is the lower part. One of the finest lodges in Iceland.

Self service salmon rivers

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Brennan junction pool

Brennan is the junction pool of Thvera and Hvita rivers. With its charming lodge and 3 rods it is a perfect location for small groups and families.

Skjalfandafljot river

Skjalfandafljot river is one of a kind. This large, strong river with good sized salmon, set in picturesque surroundings is a favourite of ours.

Godafoss, photo by Höskuldur Birkir Erlingsson

Brynjudalsa river

An attractive little salmon river within 40 mins drive from Reykjavik. Ideal for a couple of days of salmon fishing. A new three bedroom cottage comes with the river.

East Ranga river

One of the most productive salmon river in Iceland for the last 20 years.

Fljótá river

Small exclusive Atlantic salmon and Atrctic char river in the north of Iceland

Fnjoska river

One of Iceland's most beautiful rivers in the heart of the north, very close to Akureyri in Northern Iceland.

Fossa river

Big waterfalls and big salmon in spectacular scenery.

Hölkná river

Big fish river in stunning nature on the north-east of Iceland.

Lakesystem Lysa

Located on the famous Snaefellsnes peninsula. Large fishing area with wide variety of fishing. Perfect for families and groups.

Laugardalsá river

One of the major rivers in the West fjords, private 3 rod river with self catering lodge in breathtaking surroundings

Leira river in Leirarsveit

Small, 2 rod salmon and sea-trout stream, only 30 min drive from Reykjavik.

Lower Rangá river, Hólsá

Hólsá is the junction pool and the lowest part of East and West Rangá rivers

Reykjadalsá river

Iceland, trout fishing. Dry Fly heaven in the north of Iceland.

Sog river, Tannastadir

Tannastadir is the perfect location for families or smaller groups who want to stay private, only 50 km from Reykjavik.

Popular place for a romantic get-away

Straumarnir junction pool

Straumar junction pool is a 2 rod salmon beat, located in Borgarfjordur, West Iceland. An endless number of salmon goes through the junction on its way to some of the most legendary rivers in Iceland. The fishing is best in early season.

Urridafoss waterfall

Salmon fishing in the most voluminous waterfall in Iceland - Most salmon caught per rod.

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Fishing on the famous Spey river in Scotland

Iceland Outfitters are proud to offer a special hosted trip 1st-8th May 2016 at the famous Castle Grant beat at Spey

Salmon fishing on Gaula river, Norway

Meet the Giants in Norway in the world class Gaula fly fishing lodge.

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Salmon fishing in Dee

hosted trip 30-2 May with Stefan Sigurdsson