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Iceland Outfitters is a family-run travel agency with the goal of offering the best fishing, hunting and outdoor tours in Iceland.  

If you are interested in traveling to Iceland, please contact us, and tell us when you are available, how many guests, and for how long you like to stay.  We will come back to you with options. 

See you in Iceland

Harpa & Stefán

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The best fishing in Iceland

We are often asked what is the best fishing in Iceland and it is hard to say but July fishing in Laxa in Dölum is a favorite.

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Thoughts about 2020 and the new year.

Happy New Year dear friends, we hope 2021 will be good for you.

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Christmas greetings from Iceland

We hope you all have a wonderful and festive holiday.

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Fishing in Iceland 2021

It is time to plan your next adventure!

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How was the season?

There were so many of you who were not able to visit. Hopefully we see you soon!!

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ION beat

The largest trout in Iceland and perhaps in the world.

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Dreaming about the upcoming fishing season. ☁️🥰 I would like to be right where this guy is standing now. What about you?

Have a great weekend people!

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Iceland - A salmon being released while another was caught in the next cast. Magic moments 🙏

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Who relates? It is good for the soul to go fishing. For many of us, it is a great way to get in touch with our emotions. As you can feel the whole scale of emotions in a day or even in just a few minutes. 😀😭

How does "losing a big one after a hard fight" make you feel?
Not, so great, right? But still better than if you had not had the bite/fight. Mixed emotions! 🤣

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T.G.I.F! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Where will you be fishing this summer?

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Any fishing plans for the summer? 🐟

If you live in an EU/EFTA country, have been vaccinated, and bring a valid certificate you are free to travel to Iceland!

Certificates of vaccination from the EEA/EFTA-area with a vaccine authorized by the European Medicines Agency:
1. Comirnaty; Pfizer-BioNTech
2. COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna
3. COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca

Please drop us a line if you have any questions
Harpa and Stefán @icelandoutfitters

Here you can read about it:

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This was fun! More fun than cold 🤣
Opening day on Leirá river in Iceland, April 1st 2020.

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Do you know the name of this pretty bird?

It is the most common bird in Iceland but we have about 10 million of them. During summer we can see them up close in nesting holes, in cliffs around Iceland.

Population of Iceland:
People: 365.000
Sheep: 412.000
Horses: 72.000
"pretty birds": 10.000.000

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Guided fishing in Iceland with Iceland Outfitters.
Not only will our guides share with you their knowledge about where and how to fish, but they will also make you some mean cups of coffee.

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Shine baby, you are sitting on top of the world <3
The universe is yours, and mine and theirs.

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Anyone dreaming about their next fishing trip?
Here is a beautiful salmon from Laxá in Dölum. We have 2 days available prime time, July 12-14 (afternoon-noon).

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Hopefully soon, we can again gather all our best friends and go fishing. Who would you take with you?

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Have you fished in Iceland? What is your most memorable fish? A one you caught or perhaps a one that gave you a fight and got away?

Don't you just love watching them and plan what fly to start with, how to cast, how to strip..

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The team at Salmologic develops and produces high quality fishing equipment tailored to the needs of those who fly fish for the Atlantic salmon and brown trout. 

We offer a wide selection of rods, reels, lines, flies, tippets and leaders, accessories and more.

trip advisor reviews

Holaa River Arctic Char
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We fished the Holaa River and had a wonderful day. Our guide Sverrir picked us up at our cottage in the morning and drove about 45 minutes to the River. He supplied waders (excellent condition) and fly fishing gear. It was a short walk from the parking area to the River.
The Holaa River has a decent flow, but with a firm gravel bottom so wading was pleasant. Sverrir put us on the fish immediately.
The River holds lots of fish, and we all caught plenty of Arctic Char fishing nymphs with strike indicators. We had 20+ hooks ups, 15 catches, saved 3 for a great dinner. Others who fished the river did not have the success we did, thanks to Sverrir. He provided packed sandwiches, snacks and made some coffee along the bank for us for a mid-day break.
I would definitely do this trip again and would recommend this to anyone, including beginners.
My wife even caught 2 Fish!!!!

Best Outfitter in Iceland!
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Harpa and her team are very professional. They communicate well, all guides were on time and very knowledgeable.
We executed 6+ excursions over 4 days + transfers to/from the airport. Every driver and guide we interacted with was friendly, knew the area well + flexible with any and all requests.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to do excursions of any kind to reach out to them first.​

Great 4 days of fly fishing for wild trout
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We spent 4 great days on the Icelandic Highlands fly fishing for brown trout and arctic char. We appreciated the personal welcome by Johanna very much.
This is a fantastic destination for fishermen looking for almost untouched surroundings, wild fish and who are happy to stay in a rustic cabin, self catering.

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