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Iceland Outfitters is a family-run travel agency with the goal of offering the best fishing, hunting and outdoor tours in Iceland.  

If you are interested in traveling to Iceland, please contact us, and tell us when you are available, how many guests, and for how long you like to stay.  We will come back to you with options. 

See you in Iceland

Harpa & Stefán

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Thoughts about 2020

Happy New Year dear friends, we hope 2021 will be good for you.

Christmas winter Iceland Outfitters (10)

Christmas greetings from Iceland

We hope you all have a wonderful and festive holiday.

Grimsa, Iceland Outfitters (27 of 73)

Fishing in Iceland 2021

It is time to plan your next adventure!


How was the season?

There were so many of you who were not able to visit. Hopefully we see you soon!!

ION beat, Iceland Outfitters (16 of 41)

ION beat

The largest trout in Iceland and perhaps in the world.

ION beat, Iceland Outfitters (98 of 192)


Iceland is open, season is open, we are here waiting for you.



Life is better when you.....!
What makes your life better? Of course, family and friends come first on the list, what more?

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In Iceland we fish for salmon from June to September. Have you planned your season yet?
If all goes as planned, Iceland will open May 1st. We are here, ready to welcome you.
📷 Late August salmon from Grímsá river

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Judging by the posture of this angler, it looks like he just saw a salmon jump in the pool and he is planning on catching it.
What do you think?

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Iceland - Do you know the river? It is in North East Iceland.
Who is already dreaming about the upcoming fishing season and all the fish you will be catching?

We have had a lot of time to think about and plan the upcoming fishing tours, and how we will be catching them. 🎣😀🐟

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Would you like to fish this pool?

The river is called Fossá and is known for its good salmon fishing, from Hjálparfoss waterfall down to the junction of Fossá and THjórsá. Here you see the top pool of the trout beat, from Háifoss to Hjálparfoss waterfall. Háifoss (high waterfall) is the 2nd highest waterfall in Iceland and absolutely stunning.

Pretty spectacular location, don't you think?!

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Especially if you are working from home and homeschooling at the same time!

Does anyone relate?

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Big fish, little fish... I love you all ❤️

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Great fall combination, fishing on two of the better salmon rivers in Iceland, Þverá river and Grímsá river. 2 days on each river.

August 29 - September 2 (afternoon - noon).

During the fall we fish for salmon and seatrout.

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Planning on doing some fishing this summer? Blanda is one of the largest salmon rivers in Iceland. With a lot of big salmon. Best time to fish Blanda is from June to early August

How about some big ones?

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Dear friends and fellow anglers around the world

As business owners, outgoing non-stopping parents of three, and parts of large families, and friends our daily lives have often felt similar to a formula race. For 20 years we have been racing to the next location, match, travel, concerts, party, rushing to find quality time with the children and simply planning our lives to bits and pieces.

The year of 2020 sure put our busy lives on pause with a constant shock of every day covid news. It started with us postponing a children's birthday party and then our borders were closed so none of our North American guests could travel to Iceland and only a few European guests were able to visit mid summer when Iceland was practically virus free. The world's news was frightening and we worried about ourselves, our friends and the people of the world.
For us personally, we were facing that all our winter preparations had gone to waste and in a way it did. Most of our guests were unable to visit us, but Icelanders could not travel abroad either, so it ended with local anglers fishing our rivers. Luckily, we have been allowed to fish as long as we have followed the social distancing rules which is not difficult in Iceland.

So what has the year 2020 taught us? We have learned to be more humble and grateful for what we have. Sometimes nothing goes as planned and it is alright, as long as people are safe. We have enjoyed spending time with our closest family and even took a few days of summer holiday in Iceland for the first time. We think people have also started to respect one another more and paid more attention to their neighbours and their close ones. This year we have focused inwards.

Many of you have booked fishing trips with us for next summer and hopefully we can make it happen but if there is anything we have learned this year, is that we sure do not have control of everything so if we need to change the plan, so be it. The most important thing is our health and to keep safe until it is safe again.

We wish you a wonderful 2021
Harpa and Stefán

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Merry Christmas dear friends far and wide. Christmas will be quiet and with only a few loved ones for most, but hopefully, it will be festive and peaceful for all of us.

Christmas greetings from Iceland
Iceland Outfitters

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We wish you the very best Christmas dear friends around the world. Stay safe, focus on the good in life and find something to look forward to in the new year.
Peace and love from Iceland
❤️ Iceland Outfitters

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Iceland - We start fishing April 1st for seatrout. Sometimes our spring feel a bit like winter, but fishing warms up your heart and spirit. 😅

📷 Anton Brink

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The mighty Atlantic Salmon. The best therapist in the world, just a short encounter with one makes life so much better. Anyone agrees?

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I'm dreaming about...big salmon 🎄🎁🎅🤶🐟🎣🇮🇸 ...

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The team at Salmologic develops and produces high quality fishing equipment tailored to the needs of those who fly fish for the Atlantic salmon and brown trout. 

We offer a wide selection of rods, reels, lines, flies, tippets and leaders, accessories and more.

trip advisor reviews

Holaa River Arctic Char
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We fished the Holaa River and had a wonderful day. Our guide Sverrir picked us up at our cottage in the morning and drove about 45 minutes to the River. He supplied waders (excellent condition) and fly fishing gear. It was a short walk from the parking area to the River.
The Holaa River has a decent flow, but with a firm gravel bottom so wading was pleasant. Sverrir put us on the fish immediately.
The River holds lots of fish, and we all caught plenty of Arctic Char fishing nymphs with strike indicators. We had 20+ hooks ups, 15 catches, saved 3 for a great dinner. Others who fished the river did not have the success we did, thanks to Sverrir. He provided packed sandwiches, snacks and made some coffee along the bank for us for a mid-day break.
I would definitely do this trip again and would recommend this to anyone, including beginners.
My wife even caught 2 Fish!!!!

Best Outfitter in Iceland!
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Harpa and her team are very professional. They communicate well, all guides were on time and very knowledgeable.
We executed 6+ excursions over 4 days + transfers to/from the airport. Every driver and guide we interacted with was friendly, knew the area well + flexible with any and all requests.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to do excursions of any kind to reach out to them first.​

Great 4 days of fly fishing for wild trout
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We spent 4 great days on the Icelandic Highlands fly fishing for brown trout and arctic char. We appreciated the personal welcome by Johanna very much.
This is a fantastic destination for fishermen looking for almost untouched surroundings, wild fish and who are happy to stay in a rustic cabin, self catering.

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