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Brynjudalsa river


Brynjudalsa river is a beautiful small 2 rod salmon river with 11 km of fishing water and two waterfalls where many of the salmon are caught. The river offers some technical fishing and is quite productive, the average catch is around 250 salmon per year, which is quite impressive for a 2 rod river. The river is fly only and fished with a single handed rod and a floating line.

Brynjudalsa river is located in Hvalfjordur, which is known for its beautiful nature. The river and its surroundings are very charming and perfect option for corporate tours, groups of friends and families.

The Brynjudalsa river cottages

There is a new self catering cottage privately for anglers. Beautifully located overlooking the river. It contains two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. There are extra mattresses at the cottage if needed.


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