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We are often asked what is the best fishing in Iceland and it is hard to say but July fishing in Laxa in Dölum is a favorite.

Happy New Year dear friends, we hope 2021 will be good for you.

We hope you all have a wonderful and festive holiday.

It is time to plan your next adventure!

There were so many of you who were not able to visit. Hopefully we see you soon!!

The largest trout in Iceland and perhaps in the world.

Iceland is open, season is open, we are here waiting for you.

Iceland is open again! We look forward to welcome you.

Where do you find the biggest trout in the world? We would think it must be in Lake Thingvellir on the legendary private ION beat.

East Rangá river is one of the most famous salmon river in Iceland. Prime time is August but September is good as well.

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