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NEW! Iceland Outfitters is taking over the operation of West Rangá from 2022.  We are so excited to be back at West Rangá as this river holds a very special place in our hearts and lifes.   

We have started to book for 2022.  

Iceland Outfitters is a family-run travel agency with the goal of offering the best fishing, hunting and outdoor tours in Iceland.  

Please contact us, and we will send you suggestions where we recommend you to fish. 

See you in Iceland

Harpa & Stefán

Where to fish?

West Ranga river, Iceland

West Ranga

West Rangá is one of the best salmon river in Iceland. Fished with 12 – 18 rods and a really good fishing lodge. West Rangá is located in South Iceland about 1 hour drive from Reykjavik.

Icelandoutfitters.com - Laxa i Dolum12

Laxa in Dolum

Laxa in Dolum is one of those crystal clear salmon rivers Iceland is famous for. With only 4-6 rods, it is the perfect choice for large families, friends or companies.

Icelandoutfitters.com - Lower Ranga 41

Hólsá West bank

Hólsá is a 4 rod river, attached to West Rangá. It is the part including the beat Borg and all the way to the river mouth.
There is a basic but nice 4 bedroom lodge that goes with Hólsá.

Icelandoutfitters.com - Thvera7

Thvera river

Thvera river a high class salmon river in West Iceland. It is one of the most prestige fly fishing rivers in Iceland and boasts one of the finest lodges in Iceland.

Icelandoutfitters.com - ION Beat -15

ION Beat

Lake Thingvellir provides us with a fly fishing wonder. The “Ice age brown trout” can grow up to extreme sizes, with reports every year recording trout up to 30 pounds.

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West Ranga how is the season going?

West Rangá number one in Iceland 2021

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West Ranga

NEW! Iceland Outfitters takes over the operation of West Rangá river.

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Fishing in Iceland, options.

Day tour or few days of fishing. Please ask for options.

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So many rivers.... !
Have you planned your 2022 fishing yet? We would love to send you some options on where you can fish in Iceland next year.

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Do you know the river? Not the typical environment when you think about fishing in Iceland.

A perfect option for a day tour when visiting Iceland.


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Live underwater broadcast!
Catching a salmon is often a combination of you casting and your friend directing you how to do it.

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Do you know this Icelandic salmon river?

Hint: It is number one in number of salmon caught in Iceland 2021

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Where are you fishing next summer? We are open for reservations. Drop us a line and see what we can offer you. 🐟 ...

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West Rangá is now with over 3.000 salmon caught. 🥳

Last night 3007 salmon had been caught and anglers are catching appr 25 per day now, late September. 👍

West Rangá is number 1 in number of salmon caught in Iceland this year, like so many other years 😍

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Beautiful September salmon from Thverá river. We ❤ the fall colors! ...

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Like if you have ever been jealous when fishing!😂

Oh, the strong feelings when fishing. Going from sad to happy, looser to a winner, jealous to proud, nervous to calm, and all the rest of the feelings as well.

Who else experience these strong emotions while fishing? I hope I am not the only one! 🙃

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Yes, please!

Sverrir superguide with a pretty nice Brown trout from the ION beat, Lake Thingvellir. 😍

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West Rangá fishing is going well these days and the river is currently number two in the number of salmon caught in Iceland this year. And there is a small difference between 1st and 2nd place.

Over 1.800 salmon have been caught so far and last week 382 salmon were caught.

We are booking West Rangá for 2022 already.

Best regards from Iceland
Team Iceland Outfitters

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The team at Salmologic develops and produces high quality fishing equipment tailored to the needs of those who fly fish for the Atlantic salmon and brown trout. 

We offer a wide selection of rods, reels, lines, flies, tippets and leaders, accessories and more.

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