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Langa river


Langa river is one of the better known salmon rivers in Iceland and is located in Borgarfjordur in South West of Iceland, approx. 1 hour from Reykjavik. Langa is a productive grilse river, which offers challenging, technical fishing with small flies and great variety of fishing water. Langa river has had a huge amount of construction done to it, in terms of fish ladders and other devices to improve its course for salmon to run. It originates in Lake Langavatn, which means it always has a dependable flow of water and is one of the few Icelandic rivers that are truly consistent in a dry summer. Langa river remains one of the most naturally productive rivers in Iceland.

Langa river is an easily accessible 12 rod river, 36 km long, double bank with 93 named pools. It offers all what Icelandic salmon rivers are famous for. It is an absolutely beautiful river with spectacular surroundings. It is best fished with a single handed rod, small hitched flies where the most popular ones are mini Sunray Shadow, Langa Fancy and Arndilly Fancy.

The Langa lodge

The Langa lodge is placed on a hill with a great view over the river. The lodge is a full service lodge with 12 ensuite bedrooms, each rod has a private twin bedroom with a bathroom. The sitting and dining room is spacious and comfortable. There is a sauna at the lodge where anglers can relax. During prime time, July and August, there are served fine meals at the lodge.


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