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Life is better
When you fish

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Iceland Outfitters is a family run travel agency with the goal of offering the best fishing and hunting tours in Iceland.

Our guests hail from all over the world; Individuals, friends, families and corporate tours. Iceland Outfitters only offer the best rivers, lakes and hunting grounds to their clients.

our rivers - Laxa i Dolum16

Reykjadalsa river

Reykjadalsá river is one of better trout rivers in Iceland with high volume catch every year and some anglers call the river dry fly fishing heaven. - Fnjoska

Fnjoska river

Fnjoska river is truly one of Iceland’s most beautiful rivers. It is located in Eyjafjordur, around 20 km from Akureyri in Northern Iceland

Iceland Outfitters fljota river salmon (2 of 4)

Fljota river

The Fljota river is a small self-catering river in the North of Iceland, with a good run of Salmon and Arctic char which make this river very special. - Skjalfandafljot river 26

Skjalfandafljot river

Skjalfandafljot river is a favorite of ours. It is a glacial river set in a picturesque surroundings and famous for its many large waterfalls and big fish.

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Spring salmon in Iceland. Salmon season starts in June and the first salmon are the big aggressive ones.
Have you ever had a big spring salmon taking a small fly? The fight can easily last 30 minutes or more and the adrenaline rush is unlike anything else. We sometimes feel like we held our breath the whole time... and perhaps we did! Life is not only better when you fish. Fishing also gives you superpowers!

How would you fish this pool?
Would you start with: hitch, small flies or micro tubes, and then go over to what... tubes or bigger flies?
Photo is from Langá river early July.
Salmon season in Iceland is from June to October. In most rivers, prime time is July but prime time is different between rivers. Some are really good until October.

A day fishing is a perfect addition to your Iceland visit. You do not need to bring anything other than yourself and glasses to protect your eyes.
We provide, guide, transfers, waders, tackles and picnic.
Be in touch and we will send you options and prices.

The Icelandic horses are so beautiful and a big part of the landscape in Iceland. We have many horses all around the country and many of them stay out all year round.
These are the same horses vikings brought to Iceland 1000 years ago. It is forbidden to import horses to Iceland.
The Icelandic horse is short, but very strong. They grow long hair for their wintercoat which keeps them warm through the winter.

How does it feel?

@harpa_hlin releasing a big salmon in Laxa in Dolum

Todays task: Contact someone you love and remind them how important he/she is to you.
It is a beautiful day and we have many things to be grateful for. Let's focus on that for now. 💙💕💚

Do you know what river this is? It is one of the finest salmon rivers in Iceland, located in North West Iceland. Known for its big salmon.
Reward for the right answer🏆: We will send two people with the right answer our 2020 Iceland Outfitters fishing calendar.
You can find the answer if you scroll through our social media.

Urridafoss waterfall today. Still frozen but soon it will be ready.
#icelandoutfitters #lifeisbetterwhenyoufish

When did you start fishing? Do you remember your first fish? Do you treasure those memories?
Children remember a day well spent by the river, not so much the days spent infront of their Ipads.
Life is better when you fish.

Where to fish in September?
Well, Iceland of course!
Tungulækur is known for it's huge seatrout and we have 2 days available there September 7 - 9 (afternoon - noon). It is ideal to combine it with a day in Varmá, Leirá or Fossá.
Drop us a line for more information. This is a perfect option for 3-4 anglers together.
Tight lines and remember:
Life is better when you fish!

Happy Hour?
Yes, all hours spent by a river or a lake are happy hours.
Oh, happy day!
Think about all the happy days coming up. All will be good again 💕

I always think I am going to catch the big one from the spot, right where I am standing. So often I have to force myself to take a step between casts. - Especially when it is jumping right in front of me.
Anyone relates?

Fly fishing in the mid highlands of Iceland. There we fish for brown trout and arctic char. We use nymphs, streamers and dry flies.
What is your favorite method of fly fishing?

Can they fly?
Well no, but they can jump REALLY high!

Do you see it?

Photo: Varmá river. Trout, char and seatrout river near Reykjavik.

What is the cost for fishing in Iceland? Salmon fishing is expensive but there are ways to lower the cost such as sharing a rod with a friend, visiting in the fall and combining trout and salmon fishing.
Fishing for trout and char is much more affordable and it is fantastic to fish the small streams in the mid highlands. You can even fish 24/7 .... your guide will need to sleep, but you could drink coffee all day and all night and fish until you drop.

Send us a line and we will send you the prices.
ps. In Iceland sun does not go down in June and July!


The team at Salmologic develops and produces high quality fishing equipment tailored to the needs of those who fly fish for the Atlantic salmon and brown trout. 

We offer a wide selection of rods, reels, lines, flies, tippets and leaders, accessories and more.

trip advisor reviews

Holaa River Arctic Char
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We fished the Holaa River and had a wonderful day. Our guide Sverrir picked us up at our cottage in the morning and drove about 45 minutes to the River. He supplied waders (excellent condition) and fly fishing gear. It was a short walk from the parking area to the River.
The Holaa River has a decent flow, but with a firm gravel bottom so wading was pleasant. Sverrir put us on the fish immediately.
The River holds lots of fish, and we all caught plenty of Arctic Char fishing nymphs with strike indicators. We had 20+ hooks ups, 15 catches, saved 3 for a great dinner. Others who fished the river did not have the success we did, thanks to Sverrir. He provided packed sandwiches, snacks and made some coffee along the bank for us for a mid-day break.
I would definitely do this trip again and would recommend this to anyone, including beginners.
My wife even caught 2 Fish!!!!

Best Outfitter in Iceland!
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Harpa and her team are very professional. They communicate well, all guides were on time and very knowledgeable.
We executed 6+ excursions over 4 days + transfers to/from the airport. Every driver and guide we interacted with was friendly, knew the area well + flexible with any and all requests.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to do excursions of any kind to reach out to them first.​

Great 4 days of fly fishing for wild trout
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We spent 4 great days on the Icelandic Highlands fly fishing for brown trout and arctic char. We appreciated the personal welcome by Johanna very much.
This is a fantastic destination for fishermen looking for almost untouched surroundings, wild fish and who are happy to stay in a rustic cabin, self catering.

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