West Ranga with average 6300 salmon caught pr season - Iceland Outfitters
Seeking solitude or camaraderie, West Ranga River in Iceland has something to offer

West Rangá, simply the Best.

Amazing Catch static
It is remarkable to go through catch statics in West Ranga. Average catch last 15 seasons is 6300 salmon pr season. Wich makes West Ranga far the best salmon river in Iceland. In last 15 season West Ranga have 9 season of 15 caught more than 5000 salmon pr season and 12 season of 15 caught more than 4000 salmon pr season.
there is no doubt where we are going to fish next season.
looking forward to see you on the riverbank.

See you in Iceland 
Tight lines 
Harpa and Stefán

West ranga 1
Fishing at the West Ranga River in Iceland is an adventure unlike any other

Before visiting Iceland, please read the information here:  Covid.is


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