Cherish Holkna river Iceland
The Hokna river is a good choice to get your itinerary

Holkna river fishing

Hölkná river is a nice 2 rod salmon river in the North East of Iceland. It is one of the big fish rivers in the Northern part of the country. It is known for its big salmon and the unique and stunning nature. The crystal clear river has about 10 km of fishing water with 27 named pools, from the waterfall to the sea, completely perfect for fly fishing. Holkna is a 2 rod fly-only river and all fish has to be released.

The Holkna river lodge

The Hölkná lodge is a newly renovated cottage. It is really beautiful, cosy and unique, with a great focus on details.

There are two houses, the new house has 2 bedrooms for 4 guests, living room, coffee maker and a fridge. The kitchen and a dining room is in the old house, 1 guestroom and a small single room in the entrance hall.

Information Holkna river

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