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Iceland Outfitters provides an extensive range of fishing day tours from Reykjavik, each with its unique characteristics and optimal fishing periods. Our team will guide and assist you in selecting the best possible tour based on your group size, desired experience, and the time of year. At Iceland Outfitters, we pride ourselves on offering personalized and professional service to ensure every angler has a memorable and enjoyable fishing experience.


Your guide will collect you from your place of accommodation early in the morning, typically between 7:00-8:00 AM, and transport you to the river. The exact pickup time is flexible and can be adjusted as necessary. Anglers can fish for up to 8-10 hours, although some rivers may require a mandatory 2-hour mid-day break to rest the river. After the fishing excursion, the anglers will be returned to their place of accommodation. If you have a rental car, you may also like to meet your guide by the river.

  • No experience in angling is required, as many of our day tour guests are first-time fishers.
  • There’s no minimum number of guests required, with most of the fishing tours accommodating 1-4 anglers per guide.
  • Children are welcome on the tours, and parents are responsible for their kids’ safety. Based on experience, children aged eight and above tend to enjoy fishing.
  • The day tour rivers and lakes are located within 40 – 150 km from Reykjavik.

Prices are inclusive of:


If you’re planning to fish in Iceland, take note of the following periods:

  • Salmon: June 5th – October 20th
  • Trout/char: April 1st – October 20th
  • ION: July 1st – September 15th

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Catch char and trout in Holaa river's thriving waters
Holaa river, fishing day tour
Holaa ⋆popular⋆

Hólaá River, located in South Iceland.  This amazing little river is the best arctic char river in South Iceland and our most popular day tour river. is a highly sought-after destination for fishing day tours originating from Reykjavik. During early and late seasons, trout are commonly caught, whereas mid-season yields the best arctic char catch in this region. Hólaá’s accessibility is convenient, with a brief walk from the parking lot, making it suitable for most guests. Hólaá is a fun river to fish both for novice and seasoned anglers. Families with children over 10 years old can appreciate this option. Spinners are permitted on Hólaá, but small flies, primarily nymphs, are responsible for about 90% of all catches.

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Iceland Itinerary prices per angler
1 angler — EUR 1.190
2 anglers — EUR 740
3 anglers (1 guide) — EUR 590
4 anglers (1 guide) — EUR 510
ION beat - big trout!
ION Beat, trout fishing day tour

ION beat, fly fishing day tour from Reykjavik.  Experience the ultimate fly-fishing excursion at Lake Thingvellir, Iceland, renowned for its exceptional trout fishing. From July to September, guided fishing day tours are available from Reykjavik, offering an opportunity to catch some of the largest trout in the world. The ION beat is particularly noteworthy for its stunning fishing experience, with sizable trout gathering around the hot springs that flow into the lake.

Fly only, catch and release only.

Iceland Itinerary prices per angler
1 angler — EUR 2,090
2 anglers — EUR 1,290
3 anglers (2 rods/1 guide) — EUR 850
4 anglers (2 rods/1 guide) — EUR 690
Leirá river
Leirá, Sea trout & salmon

Leirá River is a fly fishing and catch-and-release-only river.
Located a mere 40-minute drive from Reykjavik, it is a small 2-rod river.

During April and May, we can expect a bountiful catch of sea trout, with the river’s serene and picturesque setting adding to the experience. In the months between July 20th and October 10th, we fish for salmon and sea trout.
Leirá River is easily accessible and offers a delightful fishing experience.

Iceland Itinerary prices per angler
1 angler — EUR 1.790
2 anglers — EUR 980
3 anglers sharing 2 rods — EUR 750
West Ranga sea trout
West Rangá, sea-trout fishing
Sea trout fishing, West Rangá river

West Ranga River is among the most exceptional salmon rivers in Iceland. In addition to salmon, we can catch big and stunning sea trout during the spring months of April and May. The fishing area extends throughout the river below Arbaejarfoss waterfall.
It’s essential to note that weather conditions in Iceland during the aforementioned period can be quite unpredictable, with the possibility of inclement weather. While we often experience beautiful weather, please ensure you’re equipped for the worst. West Rangá is roughly a 90-minute drive from Reykjavik.


Iceland Itinerary prices per angler
1 angler — EUR 1,590
2 anglers — EUR 930
3 anglers (3 rods, 1 guide) — EUR 890
4 anglers (4 rods, 1 guide) — EUR 690
West ranga brown trout: a view that feeds the soul
West Ranga, trout fishing
Trout beat West Rangá

West Rangá trout beat, offers a challenging yet picturesque trout fishing experience. The season is between April and October. While the fish are sizeable, they are not in abundance, and the catch we target typically constitutes some of the largest trout you will encounter. Nonetheless, the ideal time to catch them is during inclement weather. It’s worth noting that the activity entails a significant amount of walking.

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Iceland Itinerary prices per angler
1 angler — EUR 1.190
2 anglers — EUR 780
3 anglers (1 guide) — EUR 650
4 anglers (1 guide) — EUR 570
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