6 great Fishing Tours from Reykjavik in 2023 you'll remember
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Fishing day tours from Reykjavík, 2023 prices

Iceland Outfitters offers a wide variety of fishing day tours from Reykjavik. The fishing areas are all different, in size, character, and prime time. We will advise you what to choose based on the time of year, the size of the group, and your expectations. Iceland Outfitters offers personal and professional service, our aim is that each angler enjoys their fishing experience as much as possible.


Guide collects the angler early morning at their accommodation, usually around 7:00-8:00, and drives to the river. The pickup time is flexible. Anglers can fish for up to 10 hours.

In some rivers, it is obligatory to rest the river for 2 hours during mid-day. After the fishing, the angler is taken back to their accommodation.

Option A
ION Beat, Fly only / Catch & Release

Private beat on Lake Thingvellir

One of the fly fishing wonders of Iceland where you can fish for some of the biggest trout in the world. Trout up to 30 lbs are caught there every year. Great atmosphere and spectacular surroundings. The fishing on the crystal clear lake offers great fishing opportunities.

Price per angler (July – Sept)
1 angler EUR 1,890
2 anglers EUR 1.150
3 anglers (2 rods/1 guide) EUR 980
4 anglers (2 rods/1 guide) EUR 890

Icelandoutfitters.com - Varma - HERO

Option B
River Fly Fishing, Trout and Char

Varmá or Lake system Lýsa

Varmá is 30 min from Reykjavik.  Lýsa is in West Iceland, 2 hrs from Reykjavik. the best option is chosen each time, depending on prime time and availability. 
Rivers are easily accessible and suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers.

Price per angler
1 angler EUR 1,290
2 anglers EUR 880
3 anglers EUR 740

Trout and Char Fishing on lakes/river

Hólaá river

Hólaá is the best bet for a day tour fishing in South Iceland.  There is a lot of char in the river from may – September and trout in April and September. Hólaá is easily accessible and suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers. This option is ideal for families with children.

Price per angler
1 angler EUR 1.090
2 anglers EUR 710
3 anglers (1 guide) EUR 560
4 anglers (1 guide) EUR 490

Option D
Salmon fishing

Hólsá West Bank , August 20 - Oct 10

Various nice salmon rivers, the best option is chosen each time, depending on prime time and availability.
When salmon fishing it is mandatory to rest the river for 3 hours during mid-day.

Price per angler
1 angler EUR 1,890
2 anglers EUR 1,390 (2 rods/1 guide)
3 anglers  EUR 1,290 (3 rods/1 guide)
4 anglers EUR 1.190 (4 rods/1 guide)

Option E
Trout fishing, catch & release

West Rangá, trout. April - October

A beautiful and challenging trout fishing on the famous West Rangá river.  The fish are big, but not plentiful.  The ones we are after are probably the largest trout you will catch. 

Price per angler
1 angler EUR 1,190
2 anglers EUR 780 (2 rods, 1 guide)
3 anglers EUR 650 (3 rods, 1 guide)
4 anglers EUR 570 (4 rods, 1 guide)

Option F
Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing

Leirá River, Fly only / Catch and Release

A small 2 rod salmon and sea trout river. April-May we fish for sea trout.
Aug – Oct we fish for salmon and sea trout.
The river is beautiful, challenging and easily accessible.

Price per angler
1 angler EUR 1,590
2 anglers EUR 980
3 anglers EUR 750 (2 rods, 1 guide)

Prices are inclusive of:


When can I fish in Iceland?
Salmon: June 5th – October 20th
Trout/char: April 1st – October 20th
Trophy trout: July 1st – September 15th

Do I need to be an experienced angler?
No, it is common that our guests are fishing for the first time. 

Is there a minimum number of guests?
No, most of our fishing tours are for 1-6 anglers.

Can children attend?
Yes, you are the best judge of what your kid likes. In our experience, children from 6 years and up like fishing. Parents are responsible for their children on our tours.

Our day tour rivers and lakes are located within 30 – 160 km from Reykjavik.

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