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Holsa Borg, salmon fishing


Hólsá Borg, (west bank), is a salmon river, and the lowest part of the Ranga system. The Borg beat, a 4-rod beat, is notably popular and includes a self-catering lodge equipped with four bedrooms, accommodating eight people.

Holsá Borg is the lowest part of West Rangá river.  To get there you drive past the West Rangá fishing lodge and continue for about 15 minutes. 

Hólsá Borg is renowned for its high productivity and is a truly enchanting location, particularly during the big salmon run. Every salmon en route to East and West Ranga rivers travels through Hólsá, providing excellent fishing opportunities. An average of 500 salmon are caught each season.

The top pool in Holsá Borg is Straumey, and the beat extends all the way to the ocean, about 5 km of fishing water. 

Experience the thrill of catching salmon in the rivers of Holsa West Bank, Iceland

Hólsá fishing lodge

This self-catering lodge is suitable for smaller groups of 4-8 people, particularly for anglers seeking privacy and solitude. It has four twin bedrooms, a kitchen, a sitting area, and a veranda with a BBQ grill.

While the lodge is located about 20 km from Hella, where small supermarkets and restaurants are situated, you will drive through Selfoss to reach the river, where there is a wider range of shops to purchase supplies.

Information East Ranga River.

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