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Lakesystem Lysa


Lakesystem Lysa is a large fishing area on the famous Snaefellsnes peninsula that offers wide variety of fishing. The area consists of the river Vatnsholtsa, 3 lakes and streams between the lakes. It is primarily trout and char fishing but there are chances of catching salmon. Fishing on Lakesystem Lysa i very family friendy and perfect for groups. The nice and relaxing atmosphere with the majestic Snafellsnes watching over you fishing makes the fishing experience even better.

Fishing on Lakesystem Lysa is an ideal combination with exploring the famous Snaefellsnes peninsula. There are endless of things to see and explore. It is a magical place, with amazing nature and rich birdlife.

Lakesystem Lysa accommodation

There are many nice accommodation options nearby or in a comfortable driving distance from the fishing area, everything from nice self catering cottages, guesthouses to hotels. We will find the best suitable option for each group.


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