Laxa in Myvatnssveit river - discover an unforgettable fishing experience!
The angler’s destination, Laxa in Myvatnssveit river

Laxá river in Mývatnssveit


Myvatnsveit is the upper camp of the famous Laxá river, just below where the river flows out from Lake Myvatn. This is a dream area for all trout anglers. The river runs trough the lava and splits and has a wide variety of fishing pools from big bays down to small channels. Whitewater, slow current and almost everything you can imagine, you will find trout everywhere.

The Myvatn area lies on the western border of the volcanic zone which cuts across North-eastern Iceland from north to south and is an extension of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. All geological formations are quite recent, dating from the Ice Age and postglacial times.

In Myvatn area you will find the richest bird life in Iceland, including the nesting ground of 14 species of duck. Not to mention the hot springs, caves, waterfalls and volcanoes. You must try the “hverabraud” or the hot spring bread with smoked trout.

The Accommodation
Anglers stay at a full board and lodging lodge by the river.

Information Laxa river in Myvatnssveit

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