Volcano tours Iceland - an exciting adventure awaits
The pure beauty of an epic Iceland volcano tour

Journey to the centre of the earth … well almost


When we are not busy fishing or hunting then we like to get out there and explore Iceland. There is so much to do here and so much of it is unique and this includes this relatively new attraction which is totally out of this world.

The volcano is to be found just 20km (13miles) from Reykjavík, and after about a 45 minute hike across the lava fields accompanied by a guide you arrive at Thrihnukagigur. Yes, like most of our volcanoes, totally unpronounceable unless you’re a native, so we shall use the translation which is Three Peaks Crater.

It is now possible to descend into one of these volcanic craters, which is quite dormant, it hasn’t erupted for over 4000 years. Interestingly enough when you climb the cone, which stands at about 35m (100ft) higher than it’s surroundings you will see that the opening is only about 4x4m (12x12ft) in diameter, but large enough to descend into as it soon widens as you go down and at the bottom it´s about 50x70m (160x220ft). You travel down in what can only be explained as a basket similar to the ones used on high buildings to wash windows 120m (400ft) which takes about 6 minutes giving you plenty of time to take in the amazing scenery, it´s quite breathtaking and so totally unique. Of course you are issued with helmets and a harness, safety being the number one priority. It´s so very different from anything else that it is beyond words. The whole trip from beginning to end is carried out so professionally and with great care, it´s definitely one of our favourites.

The colours and lava formations are truly stunning, nowhere else it is possible to see an empty magma chamber and literally journey into a volcano, this is one of those things that just can’t be missed.


How far is it from Reykjavik?
Just about 20 km (13 miles) from Reykjavik.

Do I need to walk?
There is about a 45-minute hike across the lava fields with a tour guide from the parking.

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