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Holaa ⋆popular⋆

Catch char and trout in Holaa river's thriving waters

Hólaá River, located in South Iceland.  This amazing little river is the best arctic char river in South Iceland and our most popular day tour river. is a highly sought-after destination for fishing day tours originating from Reykjavik. During early and late seasons, trout are commonly caught, whereas mid-season yields the best arctic char catch in this region. Hólaá’s accessibility is convenient, with a brief walk from the parking lot, making it suitable for most guests. Hólaá is a fun river to fish both for novice and seasoned anglers. Families with children over 10 years old can appreciate this option. Spinners are permitted on Hólaá, but small flies, primarily nymphs, are responsible for about 90% of all catches.

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