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general info

important information before coming to iceland

How to get there

There are many major airlines flying to Iceland during the summer months. The local airline Icelandair flies daily all year long to many major cities in Europe and USA. There are several other airlines flying to Iceland. Please use sites like and to find your best flight options.

Approximate flight hours to Reykjavík, from:
New York city       5.5 hours
Denver                  8 hours
Toronto                 5.5 hours
London                 3 hours
Glasgow               2 hours
Amsterdam         3 hours
Copenhagen       3 hours
Madrid                  4 hours
St. Petersburgh   4 hours

Icelandic is spoken in Iceland. English is the seccond language so more or less everyone speaks it.

Time difference
Iceland is GMT+0 time and does not have daylight saving time. It’s in the same time zone as the UK during winter.

Sunrise / Sunset
Here’s a table depicting the time of sunrise and sunset throughout the year. From 20th of May to 24th of July there is no darkness.

Layers, layers, layers… The only thing we can be sure of about the weather in Iceland is that you will see all types of weather, and that goes for the whole year around. Iceland is windy and rainy so even if the weather is nice it can cool down with the Northern wind. There is a saying in Iceland, if you do not like the weather… wait a minute.

A standard outfit all year around is: good goretex boots, wind and rainproof jacket and trousers and underneath layers. Hat, gloves and good socks. Umbrellas are rarely used in Iceland because of wind. Remember your swim suit, but Iceland has endless heated outdoor pools.

During winter: warm parka and regular winter clothes and more layers.

During summer: It can get cold even in summer, so apart from shorts and t-shirts, you need to warmer clothes, all year around we dress in layers.  Please bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

Average temperatures
This table depicts the average, minimum and maximum recorded temperatures in Reykjavík

Emergency numbers
The local emergency number is 112 – Police / Ambulance / Firefighters.

If you have any emergency concerning your reservation, please contact +354 855 2680

Tackle disinfection
Infectious disease agents such as viruses and the parasite, Gyrodactylus salaris, have never been detected in freshwater fish in Iceland.

To prevent the spread of infectious agents from other countries to freshwater fish in Iceland, Icelandic law prohibits the use of fishing equipment that has been used for angling abroad, unless disinfected by approved methods.

What needs to be disinfected:  Used fishing equipment such as fishing rods, reels, hooks/lures/flies, waders, boots and nets, unless having undergone disinfection by approved methods.

Most guests have their tackles disinfected at Keflavik international airport when they arrive.  As soon as you come down to the luggage hall please notify a personelle that you have tackles to be disinfected.  They will then call out a person to spray your tackles, it only takes few minutes and costs about EUR 45 per person

Disinfection can also be carried out by a veterinarian from the country of embarkation and a certificate of disinfection presented when transporting the equipment to iceland. The certificate should be original, clearly worded on officially headed paper, with an appropriate stamp of approval no older than 3 weeks. if a certificate cannot be obtained, the fishing equipment must be handed to customs officers upon entering the country for immediate disinfection at owner’s expense.

Approved disinfections
The equipment should be sprayed with or immersed in the disinfectant solution. Example of approved disinfectants are the following

Name of solutions

  1. Virkon-S 1%
  2. Virex 1%
  3. Caustic soda 2%
  4. Crystalline soda 5%
  5. Setax 3%
  6. Korsolin 3%
  7. Phenol 2-5%

Your co-operation for a clean and healthy environment will secure a bright future for the wild Atlantic salmon and trout.

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