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Salmologic is a fishing tackle brand started by Henrik Mortensen in 2014. After designing and developing fly fishing rods and lines for the world’s leading fly tackle companies for over 30 years, he has finally started to produce his own rods under the name Salmologic. Most people are familiar with Henrik, but at the same time being one of the main rod and line designers of our time, he has published a number of fly casting videos and a book that has been translated into many languages. Henrik is one of the world’s leading flyfisherman and has received countless nominations and awards.

Salmologic has only one goal and that is to produce excellent fishing tool and nothing is saved to achieve maximum results. The fly rods are manufactured in South Korea, where Henrik has been with one leg over the years in rod design and quality control. The reels are manufactured in Germany by the same professionals and in the same factory that produces parts in Mercedes Benz. The lines are manufactured in the Rio factories according to Henrik’s formula, but as many know, Rio has been a world leader in fishing lines.

To make it easier for people to choose fishing gear that suits them, Henrik has created a tablet called the G&G system. There, the rod is selected based on the size of the flights most often use. Rod numbers differ between manufacturers and therefore everyone should be able to choose the most suitable fishing gear based on this simple formula.  Here below you can find what size rods would suit you the best.  Just find the fly sizes you most often and then you see it.  

What do we like the most about Salmologic tackles?   Apart from being the best rods and lines we have ever tried, it is all so simple.  If you own a 18 g rod, you buy 18 g line and 18 g leaders (in different weights) and it is color coded which makes it very handy on the bank when changing leaders. Salmologic 14
salmologic's mission

“To provide the global fly fishing community with products, services and resources, which are based on innovative designs and logical solutions of supreme quality”. 

Salmo” is the first word in the Latin description of the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and the brown trout (Salmo trutta) family.

Fly fishing for Atlantic salmon and brown trout is our area of expertise, which is why the design and development of our tackle primarily will be focused on this. It is no coincidence that the entire team behind Salmologic consists of a group of highly dedicated and passionate Atlantic salmon and sea run brown trout fly fishermen.

The second part of our brand name is “logic” and represents one of our main goals; to provide logical fly fishing solutions through the products and services that we deliver. Salmologic 6 Salmologic 2 Salmologic 11

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