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West Ranga: A Premier Salmon River in Iceland

Nestled in the heart of Iceland, the West Ranga is one of the country’s most renowned salmon rivers. Celebrated for its picturesque landscapes and exceptional fishing, West Ranga offers a remarkable angling experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

Fishing in West Ranga

The West Ranga fishing encompasses approximately 25 kilometers of private double-bank water, divided into beats that accommodate 12 to 18 rods. This river stands out for its remarkable stability in terms of water level and fishing conditions. Even during periods of drought or heavy rainfall, West Ranga maintains consistent water levels, ensuring a reliable fishing environment.

Anglers primarily target salmon, and the river is consistently ranked as Iceland’s most productive Atlantic salmon river, delivering impressive catches year after year. However, West Ranga also offers excellent sea trout fishing early and late in the season, with the largest sea trout caught weighing over 20 pounds. For those seeking spring fishing for trout, the West Ranga River presents a unique opportunity to fish for seatrout in April and May before the commencement of the salmon season.

Natural Beauty and Surroundings

The West Ranga River originates from the base of the active Hekla volcano, lending it a unique and awe-inspiring backdrop. The river’s accessible location along the South Shore route makes it ideal for anglers and non-fishing companions alike. While anglers indulge in their passion, non-fishing companions can engage in various activities in the surrounding area, taking advantage of the region’s rich natural attractions.

West Rangá lodge

The West Ranga Lodge is renowned as one of Iceland’s premier lodges, offering a luxurious and comfortable stay for anglers and their guests. With 22 well-appointed ensuite bedrooms, a fully stocked bar, spacious dining and sitting rooms, and an expansive veranda, the lodge provides a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Guests can also unwind in the lodge’s hot tub and sauna facilities, enhancing their overall experience.

Information and Practical Details

  • Full-service: West Ranga offers a full range of services, including guided fishing, equipment rental, and transportation.
  • Region: South Iceland
  • Distance from Reykjavik: Approximately 100 kilometers
  • Season: From 20th June to 20th October
  • Rods: 12-18 rods
  • Fishing map: A detailed map of the best fishing spots is available.
  • Fishing time: 15:00 to 21:00 and 07:00 to 13:00
    Recommended flies: Sunray shadow, Bismo sunray, Frances, snaelda, and most tubes 1/2″ – 1″
  • Recommended tackles: Double-handed rods 12-14 feet long line 6-9, floating lines, and sink tips.

West Ranga River is a true gem for anglers seeking an unforgettable salmon fishing experience. With its scenic beauty, consistent fishing conditions, and world-class facilities, West Ranga stands as one of Iceland’s premier salmon rivers, attracting anglers from all corners of the globe.

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