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How was the season?


How was the season?

Letter from Harpa, the CEO. 

First of all, we want to thank the ones who did travel and fish with us in Iceland this summer.  Because of travel restrictions, only a few people were able to visit and we know many of you are disappointed going into the winter without your annual fishing tour to Iceland.  But, let’s focus on the positive things, you do have good memories and you will have double the fun and value the travel, even more, when you finally are able to travel again. 

We had an average or under average fishing season this summer.  It seemed to be less salmon in most rivers and often it was tricky to get them to take our flies.   But because of this year’s quarantines and restricted lives, we enjoyed our freedom of being out in nature even more.  So, everyone I have asked about their fishing in Iceland this year had a wonderful time.  

Who were fishing the rivers this year? 

Some of our European guests visited us in July and August and a few in September as well. 

Usually, most of our anglers come from the United States.  We (and you guys) waited all summer for our borders to open but unfortunately, our borders were and are still closed outside Europe with few exceptions. 

Icelanders travel a lot, but since we could not travel abroad, it felt like all Icelanders went out fishing, and we fished a lot more than in an average summer.  So, our rivers were mostly fished by locals this year.  Tackle and outdoor shops blossomed because of this. 

My summer was strange, I was in constant communication with our anglers rearranging tours several times and many never took place and were postponed to next year.  It was frustrating, tough, and sad not to be able to welcome you and I can not wait to see you again.  But, if I look at the positive side… My time freed up and a lot of good licenses became available, so I have never fished as many days in a season as this year and that part of my summer was absolutely wonderful.  

Things will be good again.  Now, we all have to be sensible, careful, and kind to ourselves and others. We all have done wonderful things in the past that we can be grateful for having experienced and we can spend the winter planning our next adventures.  If we then need to alter or rearrange our plans, so be it but it is not only good but important to have things to look forward to doing. 

Stay safe and we hope to see you soon 

Tight lines from Iceland


ps. Life is better when you fish. 

pps. People have been asking if it is possible to travel to Iceland this winter and yes, it is.   Europeans can visit and will need to take 5-day quarantine.  
If you would like to consider spending a few weeks/months in Iceland, we will guide you through that process. 

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