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Iceland will open its borders on June 15th!

and we would love to have you fishing with us. 

Hello friends around the world

I hope that this message finds you and your families safe.  Our daily life in Iceland is practically back to normal apart from the fact we have not had any tourists, so it has been pretty lonely.   

This terrible pandemic has made us all stop to think and revalue our lives.  What is important, what we want, and how we like our lives to be.  Here in Iceland, we got our small share of the virus and the economic problems that followed the lockdown.  The feeling that stays with me after going through the experience, is gratitude and amazement of what we as a nation and citizens of the world can accomplish when we stand together and do our best for ourselves and others. 

My thoughts are both with all the people who have been going through hard times, being sick or with loved ones getting affected. But also with all the people who are helping us through these troubled times, health workers, police, teachers, entertainers and all the people who have made our lives safer, better and easier to cope with through the lockdowns. Thank you 🧡

I realize, that for some countries, things will still get worse before they get better, and we feel for you and send you our love and strength to get through this.

Iceland will open its borders on June 15th and we would love to have you over. Of course, we all must continue being responsible for our actions, continue to wash our hands and keep social distancing. 

Harpa Hlín Þórðardóttir, manager/owne

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When visiting Iceland, please choose:

  • A – Bring and show a recent and valid certificate of being COVID free.
  • B – Get a same-day-result test taken when arriving in Iceland.  Price appr. EUR 100.  Children born in 2005 or later can travel without restrictions.
  • C – Do a 2-week quarantine in Iceland

Flights to Iceland

Lately, our biggest challenge has been finding suitable flights for people wanting to visit us.  This is changing as more and more destinations are being announced. These airlines have confirmed and we are expecting more destinations to being added soon:

  • Icelandair flies from Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Boston, Stockholm, London, Berlin, München, and Frankfurt
  • Wizz Air flies from Milan and probably Budapest and Viena.
  • SAS flies from Copenhagen
  • Lufthansa flies from Frankfurt and München
  • Czech Airlines flies from Prague
  • Atlantic Airway flies from the Faroe Islands
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