Trophy Trout at lake Thingvellir, ION Beat - Iceland Outfitters

Trophy Trout at lake Thingvellir, ION Beat

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The Fishing

Lake Thingvellir provides us with one of the fly fishing wonders of Iceland. The “Ice age brown trout” can grow up to extreme sizes for a fresh water fish, with reports every year recording trout up to 30 pounds being caught there.

We are very proud to be working with ION Fishing

The combination of the serene atmosphere, the crystal clear lake situated in an otherworldly landscape of breathtaking lava rock formations, volcanoes in the distance, great fishing opportunities, raw natural beauty and it being a short driving distance from Reykjavík the capital of Iceland makes Thingvellir National Park an optimal place to visit for those who want to see, smell, and feel something new and entirely different.

Accommodation options

For the wholesome experience we recommend anglers stay at ION Hotel or Other customized lodging arrangements are available upon request (cottages, guesthouses or hotels).


Thingvellir National park (Þingvellir) is home to Lake Thingvellir. It is Iceland’s largest natural lake 84 km². 90% of all water entering the lake is cold (3-4°C) subterranean spring fed water. From a geological standpoint the lake is literally crystal clear with a depth visibility of 12 metres with a maximum depth of 114 metres. The outstanding geological, cultural and historical values have already been confirmed by its addition to the World Heritage list. The world´s first Parliament was formed there in the year 930 and ever since has been home to countless Icelandic historical events. Thingvellir National Park is considered to be a natural wonder, a magnificent showcase of geology, biology and of an extraordinary ecosystem.

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There's nothing quite like fly fishing in Iceland, especially for Arctic Char at Lake Thingvellir
The serenity of fly fishing in Iceland is captured in this photo at Lake Thingvellir
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