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Full Service Salmon Rivers – Iceland is the ultimate place for anglers to fish for the Atlantic salmon. Iceland is known for its pure rivers, wilderness and its plentiful salmon. Many anglers visit Iceland annually, whilst others dream about and plan their first visit for years.

Holsa West Bank

Hólsá is a 4 rod river, attached to West Rangá. It is the part including the beat Borg and all the way to the river mouth.
There is a basic but nice 4 bedroom lodge that goes with Hólsá.

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Guides reeling in the catch of a lifetime at one of Iceland's top fishing spots

Urridafoss waterfall

Urridafoss waterfall has one of the biggest wild salmon stock in Iceland. Thjorsa river is majestic and is the longest river in Iceland or about 230 km from source to sea.

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Fossa river

Fossa river is a top class, medium sized salmon river with three amazing waterfalls to fish in, located in the lava fields north of the volcano Hekla in the South of Iceland.

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Catching the Big One at Holkna River!

Holkna river

Hölkná river is one of the greater fishing rivers in the northern part of the country. It is known for its big salmon and the unique and stunning nature.

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