Arni, your expert fishing guide to the best fishing spots in Iceland!

Arni guide, Team Iceland Outfitters Staff Arni guide

Get to know our Team Iceland Outfitters.

Many of you might know some of our team quite well, but here you will have the chance to get to know more of us and those you already know, a bit better.

This is our brilliant guide Arni, he has been guiding for us every now and then since the beginning.
Arni started fishing when he was 4-5 years old and he caught his first salmon on Hörðudalsá in Dölum when he was about 7-8 years old 🎣 It was his father that introduced him to fishing and later on he introduced his own children to fishing and took them fishing when they were younger, now he cannot wait to introduce his grandson to fishing 👦🏼

Arni says that in the beginning the fishing was all about catching loads of fish but nowadays it is all about the great company and to experience the beautiful nature and the quietness 🌿
He finds it equally fun to fish for salmon and trout but he enjoys the most to fish remote areas, like on the mid-highlands or in deserted valleys, where he is completely alone with the nature 🙏🏼
When asking Arni about his memorable fish he says that the most memorable one is always the last one that got away (probably many can relate to that!) 🐟
His favourite flies for salmon are Black & Blue and Green Butt. For trout it is Hare’s Ear.

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