Stefan, our knowledgeable and friendly guide - get ready for the ultimate fishing experience

Stefan, Team Iceland Outfitters

Master angler and Iceland Outfitters co-owner, Stefán casts a line

Get to know our Team Iceland Outfitters

Many of you might know some of our team quite well, but here you will have the chance to get to know more of us and those you already know, a bit better.


This is Stefan, CFO & Owner of Iceland Outfitters.

You might think Stefan was born with a fishing rod in his hand as he caught his first fish when he was 2 years old and has been a crazy angler ever since.

It was his father that introduced him to fishing. His father took him and his siblings fishing about 20-30 days in total every summer, it was their quality time with their father and left many good memories. Stefan also fishes with his kids and considers himself very lucky that his wife is also a crazy angler so all of their holidays are about fishing. The whole family often goes fishing together, where they bring a nice picnic and turn it all into a wonderful family memory.

When asking Stefan what he likes the most about fishing, then the answer is “everything” , then he mentions a few things, such as being outdoors, the great company, the nature and to solve the challenge of the day.

Stefan loves both trout and salmon fishing, the emphasis are just different.
He says that the most memorable fishes are probably the ones that came off and never managed to be landed. He says that the one on the top of his mind at the moment is the one his wife lost on Laxa river in Dolum few years ago, where Stefan went bananas when it came off, understandably as it was probably a 110 cm salmon
Stefan’s favorite fly is Collie Dog, he says it is brilliant in all sizes and types and works on both new and old fish and on both trout and salmon.

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